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4. A good plan would be to pack everything flowy and not clinging to body parts. Only a few brands offered face masks for free. Answer 1 of 4: Are there any clothing colors that are unacceptable for temples? Yes, a lot of tourists and especially in Phuket dresses like that, and it is totally fine. Often made of lace, fashionable and not dissimilar to the tops of hold-up stockings, they’re light as a … Women should try to wear suits that are not overly revealing, especially in areas of Thailand that are adjacent to Malaysia: there’s a large and conservative Muslim population here. For ladies, it is okay to wear skirts and shorts that are little above the knee. The Thais' love for colors is deep and omnipresent wherever you look. One of the Thai cultural norms that foreign residents soon find out about is the emphasis on “polite clothes”. The good news is that casual is acceptable at all times and everywhere. What to wear on the islands and beaches in Thailand. There are some tricky rules to navigate when trying to decide what to put on your feet. The image is a bit dark as it was a rainy day. For me wearing running sportswear was the best option for surviving the heat in Thailand. Of course, the same kind of clothes would cost you less elsewhere in the city. It is bottom wear, usually paired with a Pah Hom. The key to Thailand’s unwritten dress code is polite clothing, even down to the type of sandals you wear. On the beach, the simple advice is to wear what you normally would. Overall the Thailand temple dress code is similar throughout the country. By the way, red, blue, and white are Thai national colors. It is located 1 050 meters (3 445 ft) above the sea level, and you better wear sneakers, long pants, and a hoodie if you plan to get there by driving a scooter. Most people on Thai trains wear sweatshirts or jackets. But like any country, it’s not without its shady corners. If you are wearing "nice" shorts, you can get away with them in most environments, though it would be considered a transgression of social norms to wear shorts in a corporate environment or in any government building. As she prefers clothing form the Helly Hansen she recommends THIS RAINCOAT as a perfect fit for a trip to Thailand. Though some women will wear pantyhose with their sandals (yikes! can be purchased in Thailand easily. Dress appropriately for your travels in Mexico - here's what to wear, How to Behave When Visiting the Temples in Thailand. Denim also become option for What to Wear in Indonesia. I was planning on bringing two long dresses for temple visits. If you are, for example, heading to the immigration department to get a visa extension, put on some long pants. It is the acceptable color at funerals and ceremonies that mark death in the family. How to win rainy season in Thailand? As I’ve noticed in the daytime these thunderstorms don’t take too long, but in evenings starting from 6:00 PM it may rain for a couple of hours. It’s considered bad luck to wear black. Not only will you lose face and look bad, you will also find that this sort of behavior is not productive in accomplishing what you want to accomplish. First of all for your safety, but also to avoid being stopped by the Thai police. User account menu. In the U.S., Democrats may be associated with blue, but that didn't stop Barack Obama from wearing a red tie on Inauguration Day. Remember that whatever you choose to wear, if you are in an office, movie theatre, supermarket, shopping mall, a 7-Eleven, or even on the Skytrain in Bangkok, you’ll be blasted with ice-cold air conditioning. What to wear when driving a scooter in Thailand? Due to the soothing qualities of this color, doctors and nurses wear white robes. Most of the time the weather has to be okay, but you might get surprised by sudden heavy rain. Dress comfy and do not worry about sudden rain showers. The color most people associate with royalty is purple, but that is a western perception of color. I love picking up tank tops and t-shirts on my travels. What to wear on a flight to Thailand? Last year, a swarm of yellow-clad demonstrators massed in Bangkok, taking over the international airport and virtually paralyzing the Thai capital for a week. So make yourself a cup of tea and let’s dive into it! You want to wear clothing that’s light, airy, moisture-wicking, and yet not too revealing. Put at least a shirt or cover-up over your swimsuit if you’re hanging out near the coast, and bring regular clothes to wear into town. Sportswear is a great choice. These colors of the day are traditional Thai birthday colors. log in sign up. No doubt that we could enjoy this beautiful view because of our outfits. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, and halters aren't considered appropriate unless you are on the beach, in a nightclub, or at a black-tie event. In China, red symbolises happiness and is a colour that’s strictly forbidden at funerals. This is a country where modesty will take you a long way. It will be about 13 hours long flight from Europe to Bangkok. And unless you were at a demo, it would be very unlikely you would be attacked anyway. Most Thai men in public places wear long pants, and only a few will wear shorts. The following showcase is a tribute to one of the most colorful cultures throughout the world. The traditional dress of Thailand, Chut Thai, has come to know many variations over the centuries. Nothing to add other than that if you can swim in it, it is not appropriate for exploring the big city or even a small town in the country. This might prove that Thailand is a status-minded country. Despite the fact that every college campus in Thailand is full of women wearing tight miniskirts, in most other environments it is not considered appropriate to wear a super-short skirt (yeah, the irony is palpable). It can get cold! Just grab a sweatshirt with you, and you will be fine. You can easily find some online before you go – I’d recommend taking at least one pair with you in case you don’t find some you like in Thailand right away – and this kind are really great for travelling, too. Since the anti-government groups have taken the colour of red (aka the “red shirts”), and the pro-government groups have taken the colour of yellow (aka the “yellow shirts”), the King decided to wear pink at a recent coronation. You’ll find festivals taking place all over Thailand, frequently held in temple grounds, and they are always a pleasant experience, but … u/sansiben. When they began to run out of surgical masks, several Thai designer brands began to produce fashionable face masks. Blue is the Queen's color. 3. However, in modern Korea, red is associated with a passion for sports and it is common to wear red to sporting events to show support. So dress nicer and enjoy all the privileges that Thailand can offer to you. 1 What to Wear: Everyday Outfits. The sarong can be used as a skirt or as a scarf. I want to share my nightlife in Bangkok experience with you. Pack some warm clothing for your trip to Chiang Mai because the city is located in northern Thailand and the air temperature in it is noticeably lower than in Bangkok or Phuket. So that’s my take on what to wear for rainy season in Thailand: pack the right things and even “big, old, fat rain” won’t slow you down. Some Thai schools will allow you to wear sandals, but they have to have a strap at the back (ie: not flip flops, even with heels) and are best in muted colors. So, these countries now associate what is sacred and holy with the color orange. Do not wear flipflops of any color. So I present to you some tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your trip. In Thai (and Khmer) tradition, each day of the week is assigned a specific color. When saying appropriate clothing, I mean Thai sarong wraps. Note that rules for wearing masks in Thailand are different by province. This is my go-to cheat solution if I do not know what to wear that day. If you’re going to be inside for long periods of time, say, if you go to the movies, bring a sweater or wear something a little warmer than usual as you will freeze if you don’t. Its literal meaning… To be honest, I am not that sure if that still is a thing. Here is a picture from the Grand Palace where you can see that everyone has dressed appropriately. Color for Sun Planet. Do not do any kind of inappropriate posture near images of Buddha. Now every school has its own school uniform and symbols. I'm a Thai-American visiting Thailand in the summer, what color shirt should I wear and not wear? White and black are both appropriate for a funeral. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, pants and full shoes and my wife was wearing a beautiful long dress. There is no need for packing any swim gear (fins and goggles) as you will be able to rent it. Pretty much every temple in Thailand has one or more metal donation box. But no other nation is quite as rigid about color schemes. The chart below lists the colors considered lucky and unlucky on specific days of the week. 2. There are no fashion police running around Thailand, so you can feel free to break the rules, too, if you don’t care, or if it’s just too hot to contemplate wearing long pants. At least for part of the Buddhist population. Answer 1 of 4: Are there any clothing colors that are unacceptable for temples? Could change, but it's been pretty low key. This is the reason, you see many people wearing yellow on Mondays, pink on Tuesdays, and so on. Sometimes, Pha Nung is passed between the legs and fastened at the back by tucking it in a way called ‘Chong kraben’. The Philippine Embassy in Thailand has warned Filipinos in the country to avoid wearing red and yellow so they would not be accused of showing support for the opposing political parties. Here are the best fabrics that you can wear in Thailand: Loose-fitting clothing is the best because you will sweat a lot. What Is the Proper Attire for a Summer Funeral? Besides t-shirt, sports shorts and flip flops I had a yellow rain poncho to wear. For most weddings, wearing denim is seen as too casual. Donning dark colours for mourning has been strongly associated with death and loss for centuries in the west and is a practice believed to date back to the Roman times. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, and the royal family is revered throughout the country. … What is trending right now in Indonesia? Many other temples in Thailand have less strict rules. For those of you who have trouble deciding what to wear each morning it might help to adopt this Thai practice which will at the very least sort out the colour of the day, and who knows, maybe offer a little protection from fate’s fickle fortune. Pick colors that will absorb the sun rays, white is a perfect choice and it will suit you. Noppadon Stocker/Shutterstock. Thailand truly is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations and a must-visit for any budding travellers. Red has different meanings, according to different cultures. Many people choose to wear yellow on a Monday as a celebration of the King who was born on this day and is revered throughout the country. For the last evening in Bangkok, we had planned the visit to the Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar at Marriot Hotel Sukhumvit. Don’t wear black dresses, avoid black tops, shirts or ties. For example, if you would need to cover your shoulders in Wat Phra Singh temple in Chiang Mai, you would have to pay a small amount of money for the sarong which can be returned after your visit to the temple and you would also get your money back. color for Monday, and it’s considered the most important shade of the week because it represents the King of Thailand, King Bhumibol, who has held reign since June 9, 1946, and was born on December 5th, in 1927, a Monday. It is also considered unlucky to wear black at a wedding, so this means no black dresses or tops for women and no black shirts or ties for men, although it is OK to wear black shoes and black trousers or slacks. Everywhere else there is no dress code, but first appearances mean a lot in Thailand, and by dressing properly you will be treated with respect. Reply. I have written this article as a complete review of clothing that you should and should not wear in Thailand on every occasion. So, what is the dress code for tourists in Thailand? We took a speedboat from Ao Nang to Phi Phi. The southern part of the country is more tropical, so it gets far more moisture than the north. So, what to wear in Thailand on the beach… Two-piece swimsuits are fine on the beach, but have a sarong to cover up as you leave and walk away from the beach. I’ve already mentioned northern city Chiang Mai, but the same applies to Phuket. Temperatures in Thailand from January to March are averaging around 32 °C. Wear shorts or, even better, buy a pair of bandelettes: stretchy leg bands that, when worn around the upper legs, stay in place by means of a wide strip of non-slip silicone. Dresses. Here is the list of prohibited outfits for both men and women in the Grand Palace compound: When planning a visit to the compound of the Grand Palace the most important thing is to dress modestly. Shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, and sunglasses are the best combo for Phuket. Read my article about an International Driving Permit in Thailand HERE. For ladies skirts and tops. Purple, pink, and peach all symbolize new life and happiness in Chinese culture, so wearing these colors indicates that you are supportive of the marriage, and also helps to bring good luck and happiness to the new couple. White is the absence of color and is the only color widows are allowed to wear. Driving a scooter in Thailand without a helmet is the number one reason to be pulled over and checked for documents. Rainbow tops and silver sparkly disco pants would not be appropriate there as the vast majority of people will be wearing full black. Suzanne is a freelance writer who has lived in Bangkok since 2004 and has written two guidebooks about travel in the country. Best Fabrics To Wear In Thailand. Thailand is full of markets where you can buy these for super cheap. Many small shops across the street sell appropriate clothing. What to wear in Thailand in November and December? Here is the list of most appropriate clothing for Thailand in the rainy season: The rainy season in Thailand (September and October) means that it might get colder and windier than you would normally expect. Don’t wear black to a wedding. Despite the fact that every college campus in Thailand is full of women wearing tight miniskirts, in most other environments it is not considered appropriate to wear a super-short skirt (yeah, the irony is palpable). The dazzling colours of Thai silk.
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