No.8 – Mirror finish. Satin or brushed finish is intentionally done to minimize/hide the scratch. Satin Polished stainless steel is practical in use, widely available, relatively low cost and the most commonly used. 304 stainless steel sheet #4 finish is the brushed finish commonly seen on kitchen appliances and backsplashes. 210 N. Aberdeen St., CHICAGO, IL 60607. Finer grit lines and higher reflectivity than n No. The metal is polished with a brush of fine bristles on a belt or wheel that always moves in the same direction, then softens with a fat or an abrasive belt or an unbonded belt. Finishes of stainless steel when described as satin or brushed or a little to subjective to be accurate. Brushed nickel gives out a more lustrous appearance, compared to the usual dull appearance of satin nickel. The columns at Amstel-veen bus station in the Netherlands were clad with a pattern rolled stainless steel; an ideal surface for active pede-strian areas. The 304 stainless steel sheet #4 finish has a PVC film on one side to help protect against scratching during fabrication and installation. No. The grinding back and forth motion of the belt ensures that there is a uniform appearance to the final product. As a result, stainless steel will blend well if you have other stainless steel appliances and surfaces in a kitchen or bathroom, such as sinks. Chrome is much shinier than Stainless Steel, Chrome is more of a mirror-like finish whereas stainless steel is a grayish, brushed finish. The coarse finish restricts it to internal applications. Brushed nickel is warmer in color, and stainless steel is in between the two. Many satin finishes are polished to give an elegant shine to stainless steel. Another subtle variation of this brushed metal finish is the brushed nickel sockets and switches range. Sandblasting will give you a casual look without any obvious reason. Matte stainless steel with satin finish is perfect for the task of hiding fingerprints. Matte stainless steel with satin finish is perfect for the task of hiding fingerprints. It delivers lustrous appearance to the workpiece it is applied. Roughness average (Ra) value is very dependent on the mills/polishers. Brushed or dull polished metal is metal with a unidirectional satin finish.It is produced by polishing the metal with a 120–180 grit belt or wheel then softening with an 80–120 grit greaseless compound or a medium non-woven abrasive belt or pad.. A brushing technique results in a long stroke pattern. Mirror Polished Vs Satin Brushed Stainless Steel Components for Exterior Balustrades. For some, an atlas is equivalent to a shiny finish. Using friction and finely bristled brushes, a brushed finish is distinct in nature. But all stainless steel sinks will scratch over time, it doesn't matter what brand or what you paid or if it's satin or brushed. 4 finish is typical 150-180 grit (satin) finish. Cold rolled, annealed, pickled and passivated then pass-through highly polished rollers. 30 Pack - Gobrico Satin Nickel Cabinet Handles/Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel T Bar Drawer Pulls for Kitchen Hardware/3-3/4" Inch (96mm) Hole Centers 4.5 out of 5 stars 755 $29.99 $ 29 . I would like to know how a gunsmith or the factory applies a brushed or satin finish to firearms. Satin coatings can be obtained with a wire brush or with abrasive paper or other abrasive material, instead of with a wire brush. Both brushed and satin finish stainless steel are exceptional performers when it comes to hiding fingerprints. Shipping: Lengths up to 8 feet can ship by UPS. It is a distinctive look that is often chosen for decorative items. So my guess is that your sale associate thinks of his/her flatware experience and translate it to the cookware. For this reason, the glossy satin finish is a wise choice for kitchen sink or wardrobe accessories. Our Stainless Steel can be polished and brushed to a Satin or Mirror finish, depending on your requirements. Most people prefer to keep the same finish for each lamp in the room instead of mixing and tuning. 2B stainless steel is a very common mill finish supplied by steel stockholders.