“From the Punjab government’s statement it seems that it is in favour of the new bill when it says it will benefit 26 lakh farmers against the 10 lakh currently who own tubewells,” said Jagmohan Singh, general secretary, Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) Dakuanda, adding that the government should first clarify from where it got the figure of 26 lakh farmers in Punjab. DBT Agriculture Bihar which is also known as the Bihar Agriculture this scheme is launched by the government of Bihar for providing financial support to the farmer of the state of Bihar. The changing nature of India’s overall economy, rising agricultural productivity across other states and improved procurement and distribution capacity mean that food security is no longer an overwhelming concern as it once used to be. In Punjab, 67 per cent farmers come under the small and marginal categories with 1-2 hectares land. Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus vs Galaxy S21, S21 Plus: What's new? Agriculture in Punjab is a cycle of debt, de-peasantisation and death.” The way out Johl said the agriculture-related subsidy, which is more or less unlimited in nature in Punjab, should be converted into a Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme for farmers, based on their landholdings. The Punjab state has 5.03 m Hact. Explained: Who gets the Covid-19 vaccine in India first, and how? A meter would be installed on every individual tubewell. Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana (1984-1990); M.Sc. they don’t need any government to go through the laws instead they need reforms which are sustainable for everyone not only for their friends ,corporations, 2 weeks ago, Shekar Gupta had written about how Punjab loves a fight. have all led to Punjab becoming a state with one of the highest revenue deficits in India. You can’t blame communists in Punjab. It has shaped. If he/she consumes 4000 to 5000 units from his/her entitlement by using groundwater judiciously, then he/she will earn Rs. Farmers are getting power supply for their Kharif and Rabi crops from these feeders as per the recommendations of the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), Ludhiana. 2015-19 trucks, washing vehicles, and playing loud monochrome obnoxious music. If not, stop blocking delhi and holding India’s reforms to ransom. Shamika Ravi has substance in her writing because she brings in data rather than polemical nonsense which has been a hallmark of our high-pedestal Lutyens writers (including an ex RBI governor who reportedly put sex in the sensex). Another reason why Punjab is falling behind big time is its youth will not work hard on fields or factories but will immigrate illegally/legally to Canada/UK and drive cabs /trucks there. And more distressingly, it is showing no sign of decline even as the CFR is falling nearly everywhere else in India. Also read: Indian farmers want parity, not charity. If farmers don’t pay their bills, the department will disconnect their connection, which could lead to several clashes in Punjab between PSPCL employees and farmers’ unions as well as power theft. DBT. Punjab government’s own DBT scheme titled ‘Paani Bachao Paisa Kamao’ is also working here. India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises. The institute aims at catalysing the transformation of Agri-food sector in India. In his overall research and frequent columns recently, India’s leading agriculture economist Ashok Gulati has emphasised the need for Punjab farmers to diversify away from minimum support price (MSP)-based paddy and wheat towards high value crops and livestock. In Punjab Communist Unions have strong hold in Rural Areas and they have made the sufficient damage to the employment & Industries as they did in West Bengal. Punjab has been providing free power to the agriculture sector. Then most of the Youth doesn’t want to do any hard work. ‘PBPK’ was launched in Punjab in 2018 as a pilot project by the PSPCL on six of the state’s 5,900 feeders. Ltd. All rights reserved. 2017-20. BEFORE IT submits suggestions regarding the Electricity Amendment Bill 2020, recently drafted by the Union power ministry to amend the Electricity Act 2003, a big challenge lies ahead for the Punjab government, which has been providing free power to the agriculture sector. Nothing concrete which can defend the current system and oppose farm reforms. Contents published and managed by Mechanization & Training Division of DAC & FW, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. “When Punjab government delays paying subsidy bill to PSPCL by 6 months to a year, how will it pay DBT to farmers on time?” asked Vinod Kumar Gupta, a retired PSPCL officer and spokesperson for the All India Power Engineers Federation. One of the major reasons for this is the non-competitiveness of Punjab compared to other Indian states. Officials said the proposed amendments were … BJP+SAD are in power from long time. I’m just glad when I see smart people still choosing to stay in India rather than going to the US where their talents are better recognized. Target Assignment Date and Time view details 2. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. Secretary Agriculture Punjab. So the annual power bill will come to around Rs 46,000 to Rs 48,000, and farmers are required to pay a bill of Rs 4,000 per month. ‘Next Azhar’ is a 26-year-old power hitter from Kerala: 100 in 37 balls, SC committee cracks, key member opts out saying he is with farmers, Record govt purchases of cotton, paddy from Punjab, https://images.indianexpress.com/2020/08/1x1.png, here to join our channel (@indianexpress), As Jallikattu begins, recalling the cultural argument for an ancient tradition, How zombie films may have prepared fans for Covid-19 pandemic. Any punjabi aware of these realities should demand from the state and centre not subsidies for the blackhole agri which sucks up money but produces very little wealth, but a pay back in the form of more decent non agri opportunities. Budget 2021-22: Government should provide additional funds, incentives for agri sector, say experts The direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme should be … These have included a large number of pharmaceutical firms to Himachal Pradesh, and cotton yarns, garments and woollen firms to Madhya Pradesh. Instead of paying Rs 5.26 per unit (which is the per unit rate for the agriculture sector) to PSPCL, it has to pay Rs 4 to the farmer per unit for consuming less power and water and Rs 1.26 is government’s saving. Punjab is hurting, and beyond stop-gap policies, the sustainable solution lies in fundamental structural reforms to its overall economy and its agricultural sector in particular. About 75% of its population depends directly in agriculture. School of Agricultural Biotechnology Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana-141004 Phone : +91 161 2401960 Ext. But corruption. Experts and farmers say that under the garb of DBT, it is a move to stop the free power supply to them. Mechanization has been well received in India as one of the important elements of modernization of agriculture, enhancing the agricultural productivity and consequently rural prosperity. Ashok Kumar Gupta: ‘Concentration of power by itself not a concern ... CCI can see if dominance abused or not’, To sustain agitation at Delhi border, Haryana farmers devise donation formula: `100/acre, 1971 Indo-Pak War: Victory Flame to reach Hisar today, PM Modi to launch vaccine drive, first list up, Delhi survey: 10% kids out of school, 80% homes don’t have computers, Special flight from Brazil for 2 million Covid-19 vaccine doses, Finance and Niti had raised red flags before Adani’s clean sweep of six airports. The new Electricity Amendment Bill 2020 has proposed providing subsidy on power to farmers through DBT, which is contrary to the prevailing ‘free power’ system in Punjab. people do not want change. You can’t blame communists in Punjab. They just want to establish superiority in terms of Non Essential Goods & lot of Pomp & Show to others. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar met with Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Saturday, to discuss the ongoing tiff between farmers & Centre ... (DBT) to farmer accounts. Today Punjab is suffering with decline in agriculture due to their unsustainable Agriculture with highest use of Fertilizers. For all the latest Explained News, download Indian Express App. Also specifically how to make it like the one in EU( if its a gold std, Kyunki, vaccine aane ke baad ,iske bare me sab bhool jayengi. Punjabis find driving cabs in Canada to be superior to studying or working hard in India. This is strongly correlated to alcoholism and substance abuse. Vaccine rollout in India: Who gets it, and how? This author has brought out a lot of data points in support of why Punjab needs a fully thought out solution, not just 3 agri bills. The latest economic survey of Punjab highlights the mismatch between job opportunities and aspirations of the youth there, leading to more and more farmers selling land to finance their children’s migration to Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US. Harsh Reality of Punjab Today. It may or it may not, only time will tell, said experts. LUDHIANA. CFR in Punjab is more than twice the national level. A genomic assisted synthetic hexaploid wheat gene isolation and pre-breeding platform for improved heat tolerance and sustainable production (PC-6185) Dr Satinder Kaur-UK. The fif th recommendation is about direct benefit transfer (DBT) of fertilizer subsidy. Free or subsidised power is being provided to millions of consumers in almost every state. Punjab’s DBT pilot As an agrarian state, Punjab contributes significantly to the country’s agricultural output; however, it faces a serious challenge of groundwater depletion. How much intelligent you guys are Communists Punjab lol! Not only did Punjab fall behind these states, but the gap widened greatly with time, such that today, an average Haryanvi is 1.5 times richer than an average Punjabi. Transparency on vaccines is necessary, misinformation must be checked, The liberal world order is yet to free itself from imperial bias, As President, Joe Biden must reach out to divided US. is under cultivation. In absolute numbers, there are more than 20 lakh people in the state who are afflicted with mental illness and a majority of them don’t have access to treatment. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. This proposal should be tried in a pilot project and if results are encouraging, only then it should be included in the amendment bill,” said Gupta. Education: B.Sc. I recently read the article by Punjab’s sitting FM. Around 25 per cent of power consumption in the state is accounted for by the agricultural sector. The state produces a lot of wheat and milk, and the notion of ‘Kar Seva’ (labour service) even in gurudwaras has attracted global attention. Punjab’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average; the state also has higher youth unemployment levels.