The establishment began to launch a series of initiatives to promote the brand’s image and also improve the entire customer experience. $7.50. Available on Del’$ Dollar Deal$ Menu. Cathy F. said "I seriously love this place and recommend it to everyone! The chain also serves American favorites, such as hamburgers, crinkle-cut fries, and milkshakes. 10. This burrito is layered with 100% plant-based Beyond Meat®, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, tangy guacamole, fresh diced tomatoes, crisp lettuce, freshly hand-grated cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce, and cool sour cream, in a warm flour tortilla. Del Taco's dollar menu is better known as the "Buck and Under" special. “In a landscape that’s saturated with limited item five- and six-dollar offers, Del Taco is drawing on its legacy as the value leader in the fast food space to deliver unmatched flavor per dollar,” says Barry Westrum, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer. The Del Taco secret menu is just as diverse as the secret menus offered by the likes of Taco Bell Secret Menu. View full menu. Copyright © 2016 Real Menu Prices. 21. Del Taco’s commitment to providing guests with the best quality and value for their money originates from cooking, chopping, shredding and grilling menu items from scratch. It features over a dozen items, and I decided to see how quickly I could eat them all. Del Taco Fresca Bowls: Pollo Asado with Avocado: $4.79: Green Chile … Tacos Chukis. Tacos - Featuring, Value Taco (crunchy or soft), New Crispy Chicken Taco, New Habanero Crispy Chicken Taco, and Chicken Taco Al Carbon Taco. Del Taco will expand the “Buck & Change” section of its Buck & Under menu to nearly all restaurants and will feature slightly higher prices than a dollar to help migrate consumers to higher-cost items over time, though Buck & Under will not go away. The establishment also re-opened in Texas and Georgia and expanded into Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. The Fresca bowls include the Pollo Asado with Avocado, the Green Chile Chicken with Avocado, and the Avocado Veggie. All Rights Reserved. I always and I repeat always order 2 iced coffees (for the..." read more. Street Taco (Chicken) $1.99. Total Fat (g) 1/2 lb Bean & Cheese Burrito with Green Sauce. In 2014, the chain launched its “UnFreshing Believable” campaign to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The restaurant has very … This included a refreshed value menu—Del’s Dollar Deal’s Menu, which features 13 items —as well as attention on the other side of the barbell, which is someth ing Del Taco has always led the category with. The chain also provides a practical and convenient “Buck and Under” menu, which consists of items starting at 59 cents. Unfortunately, Del Taco filed for bankruptcy in 1993. The menu also expanded to include additional items such as the bun taco, quesadilla, and ice cream sundaes. Handcrafted salads include the Chicken, Bacon, Avocado salad, Mexican Chopped Chicken salad, and the Signature Taco Salad. The company decided to open locations in the Las Vegas, Nevada, St. Louis, Missouri, and Northeast Corridor markets. This success led to the opening of more restaurants. $7.90. Your email address will not be published. Bean & Cheese Burritos, 6 Grilled Chicken Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. So here we shall discuss about Del Taco Menu and Del Taco Prices. $7.10. Tacos & More Specials Burritos 2 for $5 Epic Burritos Handcrafted Ensaladas Buck & Under Menu Fresca Bowls American Grill Quick Combos Fiesta Pack Kid's Meals Desserts & Drinks Breakfast. Del Taco Menu and Price. However prices and menu offerings can vary by location and time of the day. Street Taco (Carne Asada Steak) $2.29. The Combos and Fiesta packs consist of various combinations of tacos and burritos, fries, and a beverage. Del Taco is an American style Mexican fast food chain specializing in American and Mexican fast food. I also like del tacos value menu! The establishment doubled in size and by 2008, opened its 500th restaurant. The company fluctuated in size between 1994 and 1998. The American Grill includes the Double Del Cheeseburger, Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger, regular Cheeseburger, Carne Asada Fries, Deluxe Chili Cheddar Fries, Chili Cheddar Fries, and Crinkle Cut Fries. 3 Crunchy Tacos Supreme: regular: $6.19: 3 Soft Tacos Supreme: supreme : $7.69: 3 Soft Tacos Supreme: regular: $6.19: Burrito Supreme + Crunchy Taco Supreme: $6.99: Crunchwrap Supreme + Crunchy Taco: $6.89: Nachos BellGrande + Crunchy Taco Supreme: $7.49: 2 Chicken Chalupas Supreme + Crunchy Taco Supreme: $8.69: Chicken Quesadilla + Crunchy Taco Supreme: $6.99 Required fields are marked *. Chicken Cheddar or Chicken Spicy Jack Quesadilla, Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito - Meal, Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito - Meal, Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito - Meal, Epic Carne Asada Burrito - Meal (Limited Time), Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad & Small Drink, Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad & Small Drink, Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito, 2 Double Beef Classic Tacos & Cheddar Quesadilla, Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito & Grilled Chicken Taco, Del Beef Burrito & Double Beef Classic Taco, 6 Regular Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Mexican. Make no mistake about it though, this is not a clone of Taco Bell. On June 30, 2015, Levy Acquisition Corporation purchased the company. There are also handcrafted salads, desserts and milkshakes. Burritos and Rollers - Chicken Crunch Burrito, Jacked Up Value BRC Burrito, Chicken Rollers (original, ranch, chipotle, caeser) Breakfast foods are priced between $1 and $5, and include the bacon and egg quesadilla, egg and cheese burrito, breakfast burrito, bacon breakfast burrito, Epic Scrambler, Breakfast Tacos, Bacon and Egg Quesadilla Meal, and the Egg and Cheese Burrito Meal. The line-up includes everything necessary to piece together a perfect little inexpensive lunch or dinner — all for under five bucks. Brewed Iced Tea The tacos are priced between $1 and $5, and come in many different types. Items under the American Grill range from $3 to $4. The restaurant states that its menu items taste better than other restaurants because they are made to order and consist of fresh ingredients. Fresca bowls are between $4 and $5. The restaurant serves over three million guests each week. Official Del Taco (R) website: Find locations, get coupons and Del Taco info, join the Raving Fan e-Club, check out the menu & nutrition info, explore Del Taco careers & franchising. The fish tacos especially are highly recommended. Restaurantfoodmenu is an online guidance for Taco Del Mar menu, providing prices information of Taco Del Mar breakfast, specials, kids, value menu. For the main dish, give the iconic Beef Burrito a try or enjoy the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito instead. Menu items may vary by region. American favorites are found mostly under the “American Grill” section, which include hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries. Del Taco is an American-style Mexican fast food restaurant. Examples of the fresh ingredients include slow-cooked beans made from scratch, hand-grated cheddar cheese, hand-made pico de gallo, and freshly grilled marinated chicken. Strong value pricing has been an integral part of Del Taco’s strategy, and the brand has continued plans to build off its momentum. 1716 reviews. Click Here. The restaurant serves classic Mexican dishes, which include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. Don’t miss out on the great morning choices like breakfast quesadillas and burritos. 406 reviews. Try Del Taco’s new Beyond 8 Layer burrito. Start your meal off with an appetizer like the Cheesy Roll Up or Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce. The survey was based on the opinions of 96,000 diners who ate at 65 restaurant chains throughout the nation.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'realmenuprices_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',107,'0','0'])); In September 16, 1964, Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson opened the first restaurant in Yermo, California. Dairy Queen is an ice cream store and fast food restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States and the... Get 2 of the Same Classic Burritos for 1 Low Price, Includes Small Drink and Fries. Hence please consider prices to be estimated prices. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here you can expect a wide variety fo American a well as Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, burgers, etc. This merger allowed the chain to increase in size and geographic reach. In 1988, Del Taco merged with the Naugles’ restaurant chain. The tacos are priced between $1 and $5, and come in many different types. But please be aware that the current menu and prices info may vary from each Taco Del Mar restaurant. 450. The restaurant also started to stay open all night. Bean & Cheese Burritos, Premium Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate), Carne Asada Breakfast Taco (Limited Time), Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak) - Meal, 1/2 lb. This burrito is layered with 100% plant-based Beyond Meat®, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, tangy guacamole, fresh diced tomatoes, crisp lettuce, freshly hand-grated cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce, and cool sour cream, in a warm flour tortilla. $1 Honey Mango Crispy Chicken Taco: Crispy chicken strip, crisp lettuce, freshly grated cheddar cheese, Honey Mango Sauce, in a warm flour tortilla. Order Online. Del Taco has more than 580 locations all over the world, and Its value menu has certainly won the hearts of many. For product descriptions, nutrition, and allergen information Everything $1 each or less. Price & participation may vary. By January 2008, the company had increased to 500 restaurants. The price of all the items are very reasonable and won’t make you feel like you have burnt a hole in your pockets. Tacos - Featuring, Value Taco (crunchy or soft), New Crispy Chicken Taco, New Habanero Crispy Chicken Taco, and Chicken Taco Al Carbon Taco, Burritos and Rollers - Chicken Crunch Burrito, Jacked Up Value BRC Burrito, Chicken Rollers (original, ranch, chipotle, caeser), Specialties - Mini Cheese Quesadilla, New Mini Taco Salad, 3 Layer Queso Nachos, Drinks and Desserts - Mini Churro, Donut Bites 4 piece, Value Iced Coffee, Medium Brewed Iced Tea, For product descriptions, nutrition, and allergen information. 10. Not by a long shot. 470. Tacos & More. Beer Battered Fish Taco. Back in April, Del Taco laid the foundation for the rest of the year, possibly further. $8.05+. 21. Del Taco’s Mix2 Menu allows guests to mix and match two fresh, quality menu items from a selection of fan-favorites for just $4 and $5. All attempts are made to provide up to date pricing information. There are various items like Del Taco nachos, fries, burrito with special sauces in flavors like sweet, salty, tangy, etc. The company regained its exclusive rights to its name from W. R. Grace and Company, after which it was able to expand outside of California. Taco Shell, Seasoned Beef, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes. Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito. In 1976, Jameson and Hackbarth sold the store to investors, who then sold the rights to use the Del Taco name in the U.S. to W.R Grace and Company. The burritos are priced between $3 and $4, and also come in many different types. Del Taco Menu. If you have a few bucks, you can enjoy some spicy savings at Del Taco. These initiatives included new designs for the restaurants as well as the logo. Specializing in quality American style Mexican food, Del Taco carries on in serving its signature tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and many more since its conception in Yermo, California on September 16, 1964. Del Taco prices are in line with their biggest competitor, Taco Bell. The restaurant was very successful. Below is the details. Order Online. Del Taco Restaurants announced the launch of its brand new value menu, the Del’s Dollar Deals Menu, and is giving away more than $3 million in tacos, burritos and nachos to its fans to celebrate. The restaurant hours vary according to location, but quite a few restaurants are open 24 hours. The restaurants are clean and the service is quite friendly. Tacos Chukis . As a result, Del Taco the secret menu, as well as the standard menu, is completely different. The chain expanded throughout the Southern California area. Its Dollar Deals Menu offers 15 items for $1 or less at participating locations, including entrées, desserts and drinks. The Epic Cali Bacon Burrito combines all your favorite loaded baked potato flavors. The restaurant had decreased to 325 stores by December 1998. The Combos and Fiesta packs are priced between $4 and $12. Del Taco’s commitment to providing guests with the best quality and value for their money originates from cooking, chopping, shredding and grilling menu items from scratch. We layer freshly grilled chicken, carne asada, or Beyond meat, Del Taco’s famous Crinkle-Cut Fries, tangy chipotle sauce, crisp bacon, freshly grated cheddar cheese and cool sour cream. Value Taco; Crispy Chicken Taco; Habanero Crispy Chicken Taco; Chicken Al Carbon Taco; Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito; Chicken Crunch Burrito; Mini Cheddar Quesadilla; Chicken Rollers; Mini Taco Salad; 3 Layer Queso Nachos; Mini Churro; Donut Bites; Prima Java Iced Coffee; Med. The combination of high cost leases and the three-million-dollar lawsuit from a former supplier, led to severe financial difficulty for the company. Taco Shell: Corn Masa Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed, Corn, and/or … These include the Street Tacos, Flatbread Tacos, Beer Battered Fish Taco, Turkey Taco, Double Beef Classic Taco, Grilled Chicken Taco, Regular Taco, Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco. Your email address will not be published. $2.29. This campaign indicated the measures taken by the company to deliver quality made-to-order menu items created with freshly-prepared ingredients. Popular Menu Items. These include … Dick Naugle left the company in the early 1970s.The company changed its name from Red-E-Food Systems to Del Taco, Inc. The Mexican fast-food chain just re-launched its value menu. Del's Dollar Deals Menu. Taco Del Mar Menu and Prices. You can upsize your order to Medium for $0.70 or Macho for $1.50, 2 Del Tacos. Want to eat at Taco Del Mar right now? And..." read more. Del Taco: Great Value Menu - See 3 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Lake Forest, CA, at Tripadvisor. I remember when it was a small hole in the wall years ago; they have truly grown the business they deserve to be. Dick Naugle soon joined Hackbarth and Jameson, and they established Red-E-Food Systems, Inc. to franchise the Del Taco brand. Mexican favorites include classic items such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and fresca bowls. The establishment has been named as having the “Best Value for Your Money” in an annual survey on “America’s Best Fast Food (and the Worst)” in the nation’s leading consumer review magazine. Del Taco offers a great selection of Mexican foods served up hot and fast.. A wide selection of tacos, nachos, quesadillas, salads and Fresca Bowls offer something for everyone on the menu. Del Taco combo meals include a Small Fry and Small Drink as standard. is an independent site and is not associated with or are affiliates of any restaurants food chains or entity listed on the site. Try Del Taco’s new Beyond 8 Layer burrito. Ingredient Statement. 1/2 lb Bean & Cheese Burrito with Red Sauce. Del Combo Burrito. Del Taco’s commitment to providing guests with the best quality and value for their money originates from cooking, chopping, shredding and grilling menu items from scratch. The different types of burritos include the Epic Carne Asada Burrito, Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito, Epic Steak and Potato Burrito, Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito, Epic Cali Steak and Guac Burrito, Del Combo Burrito, Del Beef Burrito, Eight Layer Veggie Burrito, Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito, and many others. The chain also serves breakfast food both individually and as a combo. Today, the chain has numerous locations throughout the United States, primarily in the Western region.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'realmenuprices_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_11',109,'0','0'])); The menu offers a variety of food items, consisting of both Mexican and American favorites. The tacos, burritos and fries are favorites. Medium Upgrade $0.59 & Macho Upgrade $1.19, Meal Includes Kid's Fries, Drink, & a Treat. The establishment continued to expand and by 1978, there were 100 restaurants. Double Del Cheeseburger. The establishment went public on that day. Del Taco would be one of the few to take pride in such truth. There is also a kids menu for children. Everything $1 each or less. Click on the following links to view regional menus: AL/GA/OH/TN/SC, FL/Warner Robins, GA, BREAKFAST; CRISPY CHICKEN; Del's Dollar Deals Menu; TACOS & TOSTADA; BURRITOS & EPIC BURRITOS; Fresh Guac; QUESADILLAS & NACHOS; BURGERS & FRIES; Fiesta Packs; COMBOS; PLATOS; FRESCA BOWLS; SALADS; DESSERTS, SHAKES & SIDES; VEGETARIAN & VEGAN The salads are between $5 and $7. Sagittarius Brands, LLC purchased the establishment in 2004. Bean & Cheese Burritos, 6 Classic Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito - Meal. Epic Cali Bacon Burrito. Dick Naugle had started the Naugles’ restaurant chain back in the 1970s. Del's Dollar Deals Menu. Del's Dollar Deals Menu. Top off your meal with a mouth-watering, dessert from the Taco Bell Cravings Value Menu … The establishment continued to grow rapidly.