love style n looks of lee ji ah!? Watch Penthouse: War In Life Episode 8 Eng Sub Video, We always provide you all latest Korean and Asian dramas in HD format with English Sub Title, You can visit our website We always provide you entertainment by providing you all Asian drama with Eng Sub title. I guessed the killer is joo dan taes bodyguard who committed suicide. Enies Dec 28 2020 6:30 am I love this drama as much as I loved The Last Empress. Also Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon? AIGOOOOOO Eugene & Kim So yeon in one drama. But there is an industry that has been cultural with its zombie and wizard films, but why can't an unreal drama be? RAKW Oct 27 2020 11:44 pm Seok-hoon opening up and developing friendship with Rona is better i guess. Why? She should see evidence of his actions. I find it crazy that everyone is rooting for Ro Na and Seokhoon to get together like Seokhoon didn’t participate in SeolA bullying? All actors and actress acting very nice regardless of story line.Especially I watched it because of Kim So Yeon,she is my all time favourite. Nirmala Dec 19 2020 8:41 pm Seok-Hoon and Ro-Na I love their chemistry hopefully Seok-Hoon sincere to Ro-Na, oh man! 3. Kris Dec 07 2020 10:19 pm I think I will stop watching now. Of course some people are mad because of how evil the characters are so stop attacking them for it. after watching short clips of this drama, i immediately fell in love with the entire show. She really need a hug. Smolbean Nov 05 2020 7:03 am Knowing that their path is all dangerous , yet still persistent with their goal. Anyway, this drama is way better without a romance of these brats, esp. I only enjoy 70% of this drama. Naya Dec 29 2020 4:20 am Kim so yeon is the centre problem of eugene and lee ji ah.. Is it worthy? But baerona didn't know how he bullied anna before maybe he'll hate him when this revealed. but I appreciate their hard work because they get high ratings. Why do kids possess so much jealousy and always wanted to frame others to gain benefits for themselves. P.S. Su husband must have killed her or she died during childbirth. I feel like Min Seol-A is Shim Su-Ryeon's real daughter since she's an orphan and since Joo Hye-In isn't her real daughter. imagine i she was a man it will be really schoking, rounchan Dec 30 2020 9:18 am poor mrs su ryeon , she watched how her previous daughter right in front of her in previous ep? I'm really looking forward to the next episode. However, I also pity Shim Su-Ryeon and am very sad about the fact that she was murdered at the end. Everyone in this drama is evil that i hope there is a satisfying retribution in the end. I Told my self not to watch this drama because of so many unfair situation, but i ended up still waiting for the next episode to air. Dear writer-nim, I watched the last empress, and i thought, "ah...i don't like such kind of this drama". they are high schoolers there's no need for that. Compared to high school kids in Sky Castle, the Penthouse kids are so rotten to the core the writer didn't even give them enough backstory why are they acting so rotten. It can’t make me feel empathy with any role. Can't Wait For S2!!!! If parents in Korea got home earlier enough to watch dramas like this they would pull their kids from hagwon and want them live an ordinary life. She's scaring me please beware and sensitive to the story that u want to emphasize with your viewers, u should influenxe rhe audience with proper lessons and affirmations on how to value morality and faith in life. I can’t believe people wants Yoon Hee (Ro Na’s mother) to turn back into her old kind self - She’s the killer of Seol Ah. Lune Dec 23 2020 6:50 am I want my time watching this stupid makjang Back. OMG! Hope this drama will be a big hit drama at the end of 2020. 2 more seasons? jan Nov 16 2020 10:34 am This drama went alll out with the madness. Lost interest at ep 4. I searched up the writer and shes known for exergerated plot but this is top of the cake. We see Anna Lee being pushed off the balcony to her death, however, most of the story focuses on characters we don't care as much about. Cha Dec 02 2020 6:33 am I wish Eugene character be more professional in handling problem. The script of sky castle drama was well written, and made us currious in what happened next. whaaatttttt and seokhoon is so handsome<3. Episode 8 did not air because of a South Korea vs Qatar Football Match for those wondering. chaelixxxx Dec 22 2020 4:12 pm I'm not gonna trust anyone anymore. War in life … I expect Seokhoon will like Rona and want to protect her but he just do that bcoz her sister ask him to do only. She was sick and would need surgery. I thought this is just another Skycastle kind of drama but this is way more entertaining and I love it. Lol there yes, I would be impressed with the evil. Female_human Dec 14 2020 9:02 am I have only watched two episodes and already feel furious. Now the story is completely twisted; each of them has others' secret and all are waiting to launch their weapon. yuck. Have you ever wondered if at Penthouse Shim Su-Ryeon was forced to choose between the life of a twin and Min Seol-A without knowing that she is his biological daughter and for his own benefit? I just remember it now.. Ha Yoon Cheol and Lee Kyu Jim are friends in Return. I am watching this drama because I like the actors and actress in this drama but I don't like plotting of the story, Those rich and bad peopled can do anything and the worse thing is their kids are terrible. The most dramatic Korean drama ever! W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Other characters - i cannot believe what is going on in their head. Lisa S Dec 09 2020 8:55 pm I know the drama is overblown and we always want to the to discover a turnaround first, but Anne is alive is an impossible fact. I hope there will be revenge from the poor people so that the rich and bad people will be punished. Sakura Dec 22 2020 7:27 am Seok-Kyung made it looks like the water is deep but her twin brother failed. I am starting to wonder whether her character is good or evil. I’m out anyways. One example is Su Ryeon, who is rich and not a bad person. Noooooooooooooo. All seasons were planned from the beginning. They decided to bet on this idea even before the public reaction. ?why i have the feeling she will end up get involve with joo dan tae. Rating dari drama ini juga terus menunjukkan peningkatan. Just research your successes and you will see. The script is just recycling ideas Just stop, take a tranquilizer in the milk or play with your perfect toys. Kristine Nov 27 2020 12:14 am beacause people are starting to make false statements that on the poster of penthouse only yoon hee is standing with the man and all the woman are sitting down this is really confusing, Mandy Dec 30 2020 8:37 am It'll be draggy. But it turned out as stubborn, selfish and rude daughter who doesn't care about her mother. dudeeee I thought Yoon Jong-Hoon is in his late twenties, that's why I was surprised when watching him show up as Cheon Seo-Jin's husband. x Sep 02 2020 4:18 am Anyone can understand very well that the drama is focused on extremely rich people who are selfish and use power to destroy people and get what they want. Why she pretend to be a mom if she cant. I can’t wait for Season 2 and see how the Hera Palace members pay for their mistakes. She didn't kill Su Ryeon and only admit to the crime out of guilt. Azman Nov 02 2020 12:54 am I watched 30 minutes of episode 1 and feel tired of watch violence in the culture. I have seen most of these actors in other works and they can do better acting than this. i think the one who pushed Min Seol A is Joo Seok Hoo. rainykiss Dec 08 2020 11:32 pm For me, she is such a good person. Me waiting for all hell break loose.. Kim Soyeon and Uhm Kijoon really suited to play evil characters. Lee Jiah my queen, she's just IT in all her dramas :), Nomnom Dec 04 2020 5:39 am That's where the real ending is! This drama is so annoying from the start. All the characters seem unrealistic to me. literally there are only like 30% realistic dramas out there..others are all can complain how crazy this drama was written but to complain that it's not logic is funny..if you don't like don't watch. The cast? 세라 Dec 02 2020 3:40 am Yun Dec 30 2020 8:09 pm It's then revealed JDT is not their biological father. Defo Dropped. goddamn chill guys lol whats the fuss about. If your poor you will not have opportunity on any field even you're to talented. 2. people are that selfish? @Lisa S Rona is Talentd and she was not really disqualified. Drama ini bercerita mengenai persaingan para orang tua dari kalangan elite yang terobsesi agar anaknya bisa masuk ke universitas ternama. No. I guess i saw it wrong?.. seul Dec 26 2020 3:32 pm window.W4GRB = new Object(); I think that would change him. Joy Nov 22 2020 11:36 pm Come on gurl, grow up already. Why what everybody loves doesn't please me??? Even though Im just 25, I met many cruel and selfish people many times. Bae Ro Na Jan 05 2021 6:06 pm Kim Seo-Yeon Jan 04 2021 2:30 pm Carrie Dec 29 2020 10:41 pm i hate Rona's character with her mom. OYH is the killer.. unexpected she become a monster. I agree, Sugar cannot be overlooked. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 87/100 (5101 votes) Mark.lrsa Dec 26 2020 4:58 am finesse is lacking much, depicting the super rich to be lowly in character. Lower your expectations, remove that Sky Castle imagery from your head, and you'll able to enjoy this drama just fine. It's like the drama went down the drain imo. I wish seok hoon really likes ro na sincerely not because of his sister..and i hope those kids getting better not that evil like their parents...i am so hook with the drama..this kind of drama is really amusing and unpredictable love it more than a cliche romantic drama!! Seriously? But Joo Dan Tae fainted when he has blood on his face with Oh Yoon Hee and they went to the villa. Oh Yoon Hee a Murder !!! be a combination of the actors and actresses superb acting as well as the amount of plot twists and cliff hangers which this drama had. Naria Jan 01 2021 1:01 am Things are getting excited na! Yung penthouse Nov 12 2020 1:29 am Won Nov 09 2020 6:01 pm i also love shows that are unpredictable. I know there will 2nd and 3rd season.. Where in the world that people treat people like that? hope mrs suryeon can gather more people to join her reveal the truth behind min seol ah death. when eun Biel's father (sorry I can't write her name) arrived with a rifle I freaked out, I really wish he had killed both of them hahaaha ok, it was the best moment of the whole episode.