Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds. If you must feed chicken bones to your cat, the kitties must be fed raw bones that are unseasoned and free from choking hazards. Always wear gloves when handling raw meat and wash hands thoroughly. Commercially raised chickens are often kept in crowded, unsanitary conditions that provide an excellent breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella and Listeria, which can be dangerous for your cat. Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken? First of all, let’s talk about prep. Yes, if it's chicken that you yourself would eat (cooked of course). Supporters of raw diets for cats often mention that these diets allow the cat to consume food that is more similar to the diet of wild cats. Also, don’t feed large bones which is harmful to your feline friends. Raw meat - especially organ meat - *does* in fact contain taurine, it's the cooking process that destroys it. If these symptoms occur, seek advice from your veterinary surgeon. Clean bowls after feeding so no bacteria can spread. They can be kinda tough to get down. With so many conflicting views on raw diets, the cat’s veterinarian, who has your cat’s medical history is the best person to … This breaks down the wing a little bit and makes it easier for kitty consumption. The problem here is that many people choose to feed their cats raw chicken that’s bought at the store, usually found in the meat counter. This educational content is not veterinary advice and does not replace consultation with a qualified veterinarian. Well, yes and no. Most cats love eating natural cat food such as raw chicken and other raw meats. Cats can eat chicken and rice on occasion and should do so following a gastric episode. Can cats have raw chicken? But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Cats can eat chicken breast, thighs and necks. Many people feed at least a couple raw meals a week. In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not cats can eat raw chicken, the benefits and hazards of raw chicken, and how to feed your cat a safe raw diet. *(function(timeout){setTimeout(function(){var notice=document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_54");if(notice) Click on the video above to watch Wessie eat a raw chicken wing. Veterinarians will sometimes prescribe a bland diet for a cat who is recovering from an illness or surgery, particularly relating to his gastrointestinal tract. The raw chicken bones on the other hand are really good for them and their stomach can easily handle them. It is also quite high in animal proteins, which contain many of the amino acids necessary for feline health. cats can eat raw chicken, it’s important to ensure that they do so safely. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The risks. Cats can eat small whole raw chicken parts or other small birds. In addition to the risk of nutrient deficiencies, raw diets pose other risks for cats. Cats can and do eat raw chicken necks. Cats can utilize proteins, turning them into energy in their liver. Should you wish to feed your cat raw chicken, remember the following when feeding any raw food to your cat. Required fields are marked *, Are you human? If you want to feed your cat solely raw chicken, then speak to your veterinary surgeon, as a supplement may be needed, to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrients they need. Read more here. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Cats are hardwired to sustain themselves on meat. We all know that humans can’t eat raw chicken. Naturally, raw bone contains nutritional value, like calcium. ©2020 Cliverse Media Ltd. Here’s how to feed your cat a raw chicken wing. The answer: no, cats should not eat any quantity of raw chicken. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. Left to their own devices, our cats would subsist entirely on the raw flesh of the prey animals they managed to catch. Yes, it's true that not all chicken bones are safe for your feline friend to eat. Cats are naturally carnivores, which means that they only eat meat in the wild. Chicken is a safe, nontoxic treat choice for cats, but it should be cooked thoroughly to kill any dangerous bacteria that may be present. Feed your cat in an area where it is easy to clean. These include: Cats are carnivores, so they must eat meat. There are guidelines you can follow and use to give you a good idea as to what is considered a good amount of raw chicken to feed your cat. Plus, raw foods are more likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria like Salmonella. However, cooked chicken treats should not represent a cats complete diet because it is unbalanced as mentioned. Aside from the meat of these animals, cats can eat the bones and organs of their prey. This can cause a variety of problems for cats, including diarrhea and vomiting. What about as a supplement? However, feeding raw chicken and a raw diet do have benefits. If you want to give your cat chicken as a treat, make sure that it is fresh and fully cooked—do not give your cat any raw or spoiled meat. Chicken makes an excellent treat for cats because it is well suited to their digestive systems. Your email address will not be published. 2. So are raw foods, including chicken, good for our cats? Many owners who feed raw diets use necks as a primary source of protein and bone. These cookies do not store any personal information. Here's the basic rule of thumb: Cats can only eat raw bones. Talk to your veterinarian before offering your cat raw chicken or deciding to embark on the raw food diet. In general, you can feed your cat a chunk of raw chicken or a raw chicken wing once a week as a treat. But just because you have to use caution when giving this food to your cat doesn't mean you have to avoid giving it to her altogether. Can cats eat chicken bones? This chicken is meant for human consumption, with the understanding it will be cooked before eating… Giving your cat raw chicken can be dangerous, as it comes with at least some risk of bacterial infection. It is worth seeing if you can find a source of chicken giblets for cats, because they are a great way of providing the vital “organ” part of a raw food diet for your cat.And of course they come in a really convenient size that is easy for your cat to eat, so there is … Use any meat ingredients from a trustworthy source. But despite the concerns about giving a raw food diet to your cat, it serves the best choice if done right. Their natural diet when eating raw meat is high in protein, moderate in … Raw meat is a breeding ground for bacteria. Furthermore, small bones can also splinter and cause serious damage to the mouth and digestive tract of cats. Kittens need more proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals than adult cats, so make sure that the diet is balanced. It is true that the cat’s “natural diet” would consist entirely of raw meat, but here’s the reality: the chicken we buy at the supermarket is far from natural. allaboutcats.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I’m sure that there are many homes in many countries were cat owners feed their cats cooked chicken which was prepared or bought for themselves. The bones can also be sharp or jagged. I have one cat, Thodin, who is crazy for chicken wings. It’s our responsibility to make sure we are giving them the balance of nutrients they need, but it’s not always clear which foods are safe and healthy. If a cat’s digestion is not used to raw food, it may cause stomach upsets. Keep reading for the details. But would she like it? Certain nutrients are destroyed by cooking, and feline bodies are more than capable of digesting uncooked meat. A quick Google search is enough to reveal that our cats share a common ancestor with lions, leopards, and tigers. Raw chicken can carry salmonella and some other nasty germs. Please reload CAPTCHA. After all, they are carnivores meaning they can eat raw meat. When compared with cooked bones, raw bones are better which splinter inside the intestinal system of your cat. What Cats Can Eat. In nature, cats would hunt birds and eat them up – uncooked… So, is it a good idea to feed our cats mostly uncooked chicken? Remember that in the wild, cats would feed on animals like birds and small rodents. If you want to feed your cat raw chicken bones, observe your cat carefully to make sure they are safe and not chocking on them. Chicken bones—or any animal bones—are a choking hazard for cats and dogs. notice.style.display="block";},timeout);})(120000); Time limit is exhausted. Getting them to do it is sometimes the problem. You can safely feed bones to your cats, but you should not feed cooked chicken bones. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The educational cat health content on All About Cats is written by or reviewed by our team of veterinary experts to ensure that it’s in line with the latest evidence-based veterinary information and health guidelines. Any bones not completely ground up could cause intestinal blockages or even lacerations. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. However, many tutors wonder what is the best way to introduce this food into the diet of their cats, if cats can eat raw chicken or if it is necessary to cook it so as not to cause damage to your body. Poultry is low in carbohydrates, which means it will be less likely to cause digestive problems, insulin resistance, or weight gain. It can also be spread to humans. There is no doubt that, in some ways, raw meat is more nutritious for cats. Whereas humans can produce enough taurine to meet their daily requirements, cats absolutely have to get this amino acid from their diet. 4c1a6c03-6337-4107-b472-b70e26dbfa6f Editor's Picks. But vets only recommend breakable and small for mental stimulation and dental health. To make sure all their nutritional needs are being met, you can opt for specially formulated cat foods that use chicken as one of the main ingredients. It is important to gradually introduce this to the kitten, as not all cats or kittens may be able to tolerate raw chicken. After switching to raw cat food, owners have noticed how much more energy their cats have. Yes, cats can eat raw chicken. … In this sense, chicken appears as one of the best meats we can offer our cats, as it contains easy to digest proteins and few fats. She will go nuts when I take any baggie out of the fridge, thinking she's going to get a wing. Drawing on her background as an award-winning SQP, Dawn shares her own work and that of the animal health industry through her own social media and blogs. If you decide to feed raw chicken to your kitten, then you will need to feed them smaller pieces that have been deboned. How can I get a very picky cat to eat chicken? Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. But isn’t chicken a great source of nutrition for cats? If you think your cat has eaten raw chicken, look out for symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea (often bloody), being lethargic, and loss of appetite. Chicken, fish, beef, and turkey are common flavors for processed cat food. Some feed necks occasionally, others offer them everyday. Please reload CAPTCHA. Moreover, can cats eat raw chicken? Top tips include: If you choose to feed your cat a raw diet, it should be completely balanced by a veterinary nutritionist; as should the diet become imbalanced, then your cat could be at risk of a variety of health issues. If we do, there’s a high likelihood we’ll become very ill. Watch out for your cat’s next faeces. Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken? For an accurate amount to give your cat, seek veterinary advice. Some owners have noticed that feeding a raw diet to their cats has resulted in better coat quality. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Just keep it in reserve as a temporary diet choice. When the bones are raw they don’t have the same risk of splintering. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In short, cats can eat raw chicken, but it comes with a few risks. Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones That Are Cooked? However, there are food safety concerns to both pet and owner, which will be discussed in more detail below. Chicken, meat and fish is a Cats' favorite and healthy food. Basically, if you wouldn’t serve the food to your family, you probably shouldn’t give it to your cat. This is different from cutting a slab of raw chicken and feeding it direct to your cat. The marrow has a lot of iron and all these are improving your cat’s health. Raw meat is actually healthier for your cat than cooked meat. Once they try it out, they get used to the taste; after this, most probably, you will not face further issues. Should you notice blood or if your cat is struggling to pass faeces, then stop feeding them bones and seek veterinary advice immediately. This is a hard no. You can try out a chicken-based food topping as mentioned above. The main concern of your cat eating raw chicken that was not prepared correctly for them is the risk of bacterial contamination such as salmonella, which can be passed onto humans. All Rights Reserved | Pet Consider does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Therefore, it is safe for cats to eat fresh raw chicken. This means raw meat, and, since our cats kill birds, raw chicken seems like the best answer. Safely prepared raw meat for your cats is the chasm here that most cat owners are confused and scared by. Domestic cats can eat cooked chicken just like humans as a treat. Your email address will not be published. Talking with your vet about the cat food you provide and following the directions on the label will help ensure your cat's diet is balanced and your cat stays healthy. This also means that it would be wise to refrain from tossing your feline friend any of the raw chicken scraps you have left over. It is dependent on what your cat eats and can handle. This is why several groups of experts, including The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Companion Animal Parasite Council, The American Animal Hospital Association, and The American Veterinary Medical Association, have advised against feeding raw meat to pets. This in turn may help your cat lose weight if they are overweight. 4 .hide-if-no-js{display:none !important}. Do cats eat raw chicken? So, our intuition tells us that we, as our pets’ guardians, should try to give them a diet that is as close to ‘natural’ as possible. Although we have established that Bengal cats can definitely eat raw chicken, there are some safety considerations to make it less likely that any harm will come to your cat. 1. The same can apply for cats eating raw chicken. They will also help the cat’s teeth and they contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. eleven If they don’t eat enough taurine, cats can suffer from a wide range of health problems, from hair loss and oral infections to cardiovascular and reproductive problems. Chewing on raw bones helps keep the teeth clean. Every cat has different tastes, so some cats may not be able to tolerate eating a raw diet or raw chicken. Chicken is lacking in several key nutrients, one of which is the amino acid taurine. While cats can eat raw chicken, it’s important to ensure that they do so safely. Boiled chicken breast is usually recommended as it is bland, easy to digest and most cats … Cats are carnivores and need meat. How often can I feed raw chicken to my cat? After all, no one is cooking the rodent a wild cat … You simply have to be sure that the meat is fresh and salmonella free. She picks it up in her mouth, and runs off to a favorite spot in the kitchen and chomps away. They are, in fact, obligate carnivores who thrive on high-meat diets. It is possible to feed cats on a raw diet which may be based on chicken or another meat. If you are going to feed your Bengal raw chicken, make it as fresh as possible. If you are unsure about feeding raw chicken to your kitten but would like to, then your kitten’s veterinary surgeon can help you decide about how and when to introduce raw chicken into their diet.

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