Annamarie Higley Updated: Jun. Get the recipe here. First of all (and I know I’m dating myself here), I went to a culinary school yet we didn’t even have microwaves or refrigerators in our rooms. Pick your favorite whole grains, lean proteins, and veggies (go as dark and leafy as you can for maximum bone-protecting vitamin K and cancer-fighting antioxidants). It’s time to dig in. If you live in the dorms, you might be required to purchase a meal plan. Your college dining hall probably doesn't encourage students to take food to go, but typically there's a fair-game basket of produce hanging out … Her Campus may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. 19. or as individual servings (so you can throw one in your bag on your way out the door). Consider pasta alternatives, like soba and udon noodles. They’re so good…. College living is not what it was like when I was a student back in the late 1980’s. 10. Make the most of your college meal plan. The ingredients are those essentials you’ve stocked in your organized dorm room pantry (right?). 05, 2019 Send your kid off with easy food to make in the dorm or their tiny college apartment. While these are a great breakfast, the honey and chocolate chips make them a fun dessert too. Tip: The blogger uses cornstarch to thicken the cheese sauce. Slice ’em as thin as you can, sprinkle with seasonings, and nuke until they’ve got that chip-like crunch. With no flour, gluten, or butter, this brownie is one heck of a simple way to satisfy a gooey-dessert craving. 25 Best College Snacks to Keep in Your Mini Fridge Rice Cakes. Another option is cereal; just add some milk. The fewer ingredients, the better. Chocolate Dipped Chewy Granola Bars: Granola bars are super simple to make yourself, and they’re perfect for throwing in you backpack as a snack.Just use your microwave to melt the chocolate and heat the honey. The only thing better than falling autumn leaves is brunch. Just sayin’. With a mini fridge and a mixing bowl, college kids can whip up all manner of no-bake desserts in their dorm. Yes. Ah, college life. Keeping your mini-fridge stocked means that you'll never have to worry about rushing to the dining hall to grab a meal if you don't have the time between activities. Every college student needs this lifesaving recipe in their dorm cooking repertoire. You didn’t think we’d not put a ramen recipe in here, did you? Top the greens with chunks of salmon and drizzle a little olive oil and lemon juice over the top. To go along with your bacon, you can also make yourself hash browns/home fries from shredded potatoes. Check out more microwavable options from Tasty Bite here. It’s not like studying Statistics 101. With laundry to wash, textbooks to read, and papers to write, no student has time for a dish as laborious as risotto. But fruit won't keep you full for long, she warns. Make it in a mason jar at night, and then grab it from your mini fridge (along with a reusable spoon) right before that 8 a.m. lecture. Easy Meals Instant oatmeal Cereal Granola/protein bars Bread Tortillas Microwavable meals (Tasty Bite Channa Masala or Thai Ginger Curry) Microwavable rice (Tasty Bite Basmati Rice or Coconut Rice) Soup Lentils (Tasty Bite Madras Lentils) Peanut butter & jelly This is a sponsored feature. Not only are they budget-friendly, but these recipes include tips and techniques that are the foundations of any good cook worth their grilled cheese or chocolate cake, like roasting a chicken and making soup. A sophisticated flavor blend of rosemary and sea salt will make you forget all about the packaged stuff. Even if you have an unlimited meal plan (and if you do, we're totally jealous! Rather than depending on dining halls and fast food, try these easy-to-make recipes. Keep it classic with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or if you want to get fancy, buy some sliced turkey and whip up a deli-style lunch. You’ll absolutely need flour on hand to make mug cakes. Riceless risotto with peas and rosemary, 18. Above all other college foods, ramen remains king. Start the day with microwave oatmeal or prepare an on-the-go breakfast of overnight oats. 16. All you need to make pudding is some milk and hot water. It calls for blueberries, but I bet you could substitute other mix-ins like strawberries or cinnamon, too. The good thing about most lunch items is that they can also double as dinners, which is great news for a college budget. Protein rich Greek yogurt and granola is a popular combo, but these gorgeous parfaits make it look like something special. Ditch the lines at your campus Chipotle and get your burrito bowl fix the homemade (and healthier) way. Many colleges have stepped up their game in recent years, adding variety and diet-specific foods and even focusing on sustainability. Stir in cream cheese for a luscious finish. The only dorm grocery list you’ll ever need. © 2021 Greatist a Red Ventures Company. Hummus Chocolate milk boxes These recipes give a fresh spin on the Thanksgiving staple while packing plenty of leftover power. Adding peanut butter, almond butter, and/or a banana is an easy way to make oatmeal even filling enough for an easy dorm room dinner. Below is a sampling of quick, healthy foods that store well, can be eaten as is and can easily be combined to make a variety of other snacks to provide a much-needed brain boost to students. Fruit is an easy and cheap healthy college snack, says Lauren Smith, MS, RD. Canned salmon is the new tuna. As the weather starts to cool down, you can cozy up with this fluffy, cake-like cookie. Hot chocolate/coffee. Eggs are surprisingly easy to cook in a dorm room, including this popular mason jar omelet. Right? with veggies to make a simple fried rice. … Image: Chocolate Covered Katie. Microwavable food is a college staple, for breakfast, lunch and especially dinner! Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar Yep, you CAN still enjoy pancakes in your college dorm thanks to this easy mug recipe! Uncooked ramen noodles create a crunchy texture when tossed with the salad and dressing. Microwave popcorn is always a favorite, or you can change it up with some trail mix. For the nights you get back late from class or just need a break from the dining hall, you'll be happy you have quick dinners in your dorm so you can get straight to work on finishing the last season of your new favorite TV show—er, we meant finishing that term paper. One-pot pastas, simple soups and 5-ingredient entrees—these recipes practically belong on a college campus. What better way to start 2021 than with a plate of food that tastes as good as sitting under a warm blanket in front of a…, While it’s tempting to believe that anything with antioxidants = really good for you, the truth is, there’s only a small amount of evidence backing…, When the produce drawer leaves you feeling uninspired, turn to these fab plant-based cookbooks to motivate you to get creative with your harvest…. I know when I lived in the dorms and was only eating the cafeteria food, I felt so disgusting all the time. Other grab-and-go breakfast items include fruit (apples, bananas, and oranges don’t need to be refrigerated), yogurt (we love Greek yogurt because it’s full of protein) and granola/protein bars. I was searching for healthy college meal ideas that I could make in a dorm room and all the options I found were so expensive or way over the top and not actually feasible to make. Only hot pots to cook with and man did I become good at whipping up food in one of those things. Sometimes nothing but macaroni and cheese will do. In the Battle of The Instant Macs, let it be known that Parmesan will always beat ~cheese... 2. Often, students who leave a mess in the kitchen don’t mean to be rude … As for equipment, all you need is a microwave, a sharp kitchen knife, and a cutting board. Kasia (pronounced "Kasha") recently graduated from Villanova University where she studied Communication. Make no-bake treats. The Nordic diet is based around complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats, and light on processed foods. August 2020 Trendsetters Survey Giveaway Offical Rules, 5 New Year's Health Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Dieting, This Activewear Will Help You Feel Like Your Best Self This Year, What the Disney Princesses Would be Like in College, How You Can Still Love Valentine's Day Without Being in A Relationship, Behind the Feed: Alyssa Fierro, Fashion & Beauty Influencer & Poshmark Pro, Plastic baggies/plastic Tupperware containers, To-go coffee cups (or a reusable mug/thermos). And the directions are like that Intro to Acting class — an easy A. Whole-food ingredients like peanut butter, bananas, and oats serve as the base for this single-serving breakfast cookie. And this homemade version replaces heart-clogging partially hydrogenated fats with heart-healthy olive oil. Other students don’t always clean up after cooking, so it’s not unusual to come into the kitchen and find someone else’s week-old dirty dishes piled in the sink. We can crack and scramble them ourselves. 25. We’re here to help you ace nutrition and give your body what it needs. 2020 was a hard year. This blogger makes a vegan Asian-style salad using a salad mix with red cabbage. Tortillas, cheese, and salsa are the essentials. Learn how to cook ramen noodles without a stovetop here, then just add veggies, drop an egg... 3. Packaged foods like granola bars and cereal accommodate many food allergies or special diets. Right? Nutella may not be the healthiest thing at the grocery store, but it sure is delicious. Or combine rice (you can even use that leftover white rice from yesterday’s Chinese takeout!) You can either buy them in big bags (if you buy them in bulk, they’re cheaper!) See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. Look no further than this list of favorite holiday recipes picked by our editors. Easy to make, either from a mix or an individual bag (like a tea bag, but with coffee in it) and great for a late-night study session. Creamy berry, coconut, and chocolate bowl, Easy Comfort Recipes We’re Carrying into 2021, Does Milk Thistle Actually Have Health Benefits? This recipe gives you the same chewy texture — plus fiber — by substituting old-fashioned oats for Arborio rice. I buy organic quick oats that are super fast to make in the microwave, and then I add all of my own toppings and sweeteners like banana or a very light drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Many college residence halls have a communal kitchen that all students can share. For staying power, pair a … A second recipe for popcorn? Most dining halls have produce like apples and bananas on hand, making them a perfect grab-and-go snack. Anymore. It might seem complicated to coordinate a dorm delivery, but if you give specific directions, you’ll be enjoying your cheesy meal in no time. This recipe calls for several easy-to-find ingredients, but it’s also highly adaptable, so you can include whatever add-ins you like, such as nuts or dried fruit. Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. Our mouths are watering, and our minds are blown. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to keep some easy breakfast items on hand. This salty snack is also fine plain, or if you have... Ramen. I’ve never liked winter melon, with its waxy green skin and pale flesh, robust in size but meek in flavor. It’s the perfect way to use up that loaf of bread you bought to make PB&J but let go stale instead. Sweet potato is just as versatile as it is sweet. Whether you’re hanging out for movie night in your dorm with friends or you just need something salty after you come back at midnight, quality snacks are a must. You can never go wrong having a can of salmon in your dorm pantry. College Student Recipes: 20 Things You Can Make in Your Dorm It adds a protein kick to apples, bananas, bread, bagels, and celery sticks. She plans to pursue a career in public relations or journalism, where she can live in a city and decorate her own apartment. Ramen noodles, for example, can be sprinkled raw on a salad for some extra pep, cooked with butter and cheese, or added to your favorite soup. Instant Mac 'n' Cheese. Some of the obvious choices are pretzels, chips and crackers. There’s nothing like it: the long-awaited freedom, the endless nights at the library, the anything-goes parties… and the campus food. In just 2 minutes, turn a brunch favorite into a quick-fix treat for any weekday. Hash browns/Home Fries. Well, as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t hurt to have a few emergency packs on hand. Here's 7 dishes that will get you hyped for the fall season. The almond meal provides additional fiber and protein, and the cocoa gives the brownie that classic homemade taste. Rice. Unfortunately, using it isn’t always pleasant or convenient. Going to college means you’re on your own for meals. My roommate and I put peanut butter on everything. It's easy, requiring only a hot pot (though many kids... 2. Shredded cheddar cheese between two tortillas makes an easy microwavable quesadilla, perfect with a side of chips and salsa! Turn to this recipe when a massive ice cream craving hits and the dining hall is closed for the night. Several minutes later, boom: comfort food at its finest — and fastest. For a healthier snack, grab a cheese stick along with some carrots and hummus! All Tasty Bite products are ready in 90 seconds or less, so they’re healthy and convenient; you can’t beat that! If back-to-back classes leave you with no time for a sit-down lunch, head to the dining hall or supermarket salad bar and make this speedy, highly customizable, and easily portable option. Avocado Pesto Pinwheels: Layer some pesto, cream cheese, spinach, onion, and avocado on a tortilla, roll it up, and slice.. 18. When I needed help navigating grief, I didn’t expect it to come from a Facebook group I joined looking for a cake recipe. Besides writing for HC, you can find her practicing yoga or curling up with a book at a coffee shop. Carbs from the rolled oats, protein from the Greek yogurt, healthy fats from the chia, and antioxidants from the blueberries make this chilled concoction a balanced morning meal. Microwave Popcorn. It may not be frozen, but the cool, creamy combination of Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chocolate, and fruit is guaranteed to hit the spot. Tapestry If all else fails, check out a campus calendar for events and info sessions that might have food. Microwave pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, 19. With a college class schedule, you’re likely to have random breaks throughout the day, which means you're bound to end up in your dorm around lunchtime once in a while. 3. Mac and cheese is a dorm room classic — plus, this heat-and-eat cup is made with real aged cheddar. Instant oatmeal is great to have because it’s healthy and ready in less than a minute! Here, pasta cooks in the microwave before meeting with a hefty punch of real cheddar and a splash of milk. May 1, 2020 - Explore Oral Roberts University's board "Dorm Food", followed by 1269 people on Pinterest. But you can change it up by adding a layer of mashed beans, sliced bell pepper, or sliced deli meat. Print out the full list below to make sure you remember everything the next time you stock up! To ensure that your dorm is always stocked with a wide variety of versatile food for any time of day, here’s the ultimate dorm grocery list, complete with a few tried-and-true college favorites as well as a few things you may not have thought of! If you’re going to do something, do it right. Greek yogurt makes a healthier substitute for sour cream, and of course it’s topped off with cheese and avocado. The Comfort of Pasta, Noodles, and Rice Creamy Lemon Pasta with Spinach and Peas But they were there for me. You never know when you’ll be running late for class and need a quick breakfast or when you’ll be up late finishing a paper and craving something sweet. Bananas, apples, oranges, dried fruit, applesauce, canned fruits with no added sugar, tomatoes and low-sodium canned vegetables are examples of fruits and vegetables that can be … We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it! Bread. Plus, they can carry your heavy items. 23 Dorm Room Meals You Can Make In A Microwave 1. If a student's dorm room doesn't have a microwave, then one isn't far away. Bring a few of these tasty treats in your backpack for breakfast or to snack on when you need a pick-me-up. Rice cakes are the unsung heroes of dorm life. That’s how to build an anything-but-boring salad that staves off an afternoon slump. ), use flour. Try these recipes. It'll be a nice break from goldfish and Cup 'O Noodles. Ramen. Sandwich items (peanut butter, jelly, cold cuts, cheese) There are several ways to prepare these items to help prevent you from getting bored with your options. My favorite thing to do last year was slice up an apple then mix peanut butter and honey to dip it in. Go ahead and use whole-milk dairy rather than the low fat version. Command hooks are very popular for dorm rooms because they’re sturdy, easy to use, and easy to remove. Whipping up a few of these is the perfect way to make new friends since the aroma of pumpkin, chocolate, and vanilla will have people knocking at your door. There are more than 15 All Natural and Organic meals so you’ll never get bored. Copyright © 2021 Her Campus Media, LLC. Tasty Bite’s Madras Lentils and Channa Masala are both quick to make, and can easily be poured over Tasty Bite Basmati Rice or Coconut Rice. Make sure to move the bacon pieces so that the entire surface comes in contact with the iron. For any student looking to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, these shifts can bring difficulty and stress.Although it’s easy to be tempted by unhealthy snacks and dining hall meals, there are many dorm room-friendly foods that will help you maintain heathy habits. Top 10 College Dorm Must Have Foods 1. Here are some easy crock pot recipes suitable for college cooking in the dorms. Upgraded Instant Ramen. Once we learned that most dining halls cook eggs in a bag… We. Prior to cooking the potatoes make sure you dry them, in order to help them cook and get crispy. Be sure to print out the full itemized list at the bottom before your next trip to the grocery store. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before. 1 / 45 And where there's a... 3. These fudge bars will … It’s also an impressive dorm-room cooking feat. Need some fresh inspiration for what to whip up over the holidays? See more ideas about food, dorm food, recipes. Mix it with oats, coconut, flax, and agave; roll into balls; and you’ve got portable fuel. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest enthusiast, aspiring writer, avid reader, and constant smiler. Spread a little peanut butter on 'em and BAM, you've got... Pretzels. All opinions are 100% our own. Use them to hang up your LED lights, tapestry, wall canvases, and pretty much anything! Calculate the expenses and determine what plan is appropriate for your schedule. It’s already cooked, so you can throw together a healthy salad in minutes. Go for this cleaner homemade version, which puts the spud in the spotlight — use blue, red, and white finglering potatoes for a nutrient-packed pop of color. Just be warned that the alluring cinnamon aroma will have your roommates begging for a bite. And there may be a Saturday morning after a night out when you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed before your dining hall's breakfast hours end. Couldn’t. If not, you still might want to take the opportunity to purchase one. 17. And of course, you can’t forget some good old ice cream to treat yourself after a long day. What The Science Says, Veggies — So Hot Right Now: 13 Plant-Based Cookbooks to Get Excited About, 12 Holiday Recipes So Good Our Editors Make Them Every Year, I Thought Winter Melon Was Bland Until I Turned It Into a Soothing, Hearty Soup, I Thought I Hated Cauliflower Until I Fried It the Egyptian Way, Eating Nordic Won't Turn You into a Viking, but It Might Transform the Way You Feel, 16 Sweet Potato Recipes to Give Thanks For, These 7 Fall Menu Ideas Are the Recipes to End Your Year Right, How a Facebook Cooking Community Became My Lifeline After a Miscarriage. The key to avoiding problems like this is communication. When the dining hall just won’t do, make one of these easy, student friendly recipes instead of reaching for ramen. Tip: Toss the salt-heavy flavor packet. Ah yes, hummus's aforementioned love interest, le pretzel. Just. ), it’s still smart to keep some staple food items in your dorm. Follow her on Twitter or check out her blog! Tasty Bite But why choose a single-serving cup of scary, preservative-laden neon stuff when you can use ingredients you can actually pronounce (and taste)? Pizza is a classic staple for any college kid, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than to get it delivered straight to your dorm. No points against you if you get your greens (and other goodies) from the salad bar. Most of these can be prepared with dry ingredients that you can keep on hand in your dorm, but, of course, if you have a fridge, you can always add fresh vegetables or some tofu to make it a bit healthier. These bloggers take you through their extensive experiments that revealed the exact amount of time needed to get perfectly popped kernels cooking in a bag in the microwave. College brings many lifestyle changes: location, living space, physical activity, and eating habits.

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