You should be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy rabbit poop. You can grab a handful of rabbit pellets and spread it all over your garden. Dogs have a peculiar attraction to eating rabbit poop and a great finesse at discovering the tiny, dark, pebble-like droppings. In these cases the rabbit hasn’t been able to eat much lately, and seeing any poops at all is a sign that your rabbit is on the road to recovery. Rabbits eat cecotropes straight from their butt; you may notice your rabbit ducking itshead underneath and then sit up chewing. This happens when your rabbit is dehydrated, isn’t eating enough, or if there is a blockage in their gut and food is having trouble making its way through the digestive tract. Cecotropes are another type of poop that is considered normal in rabbits. These unique feces are called cecotropes, or “night feces.” They are produced through fermentation of food in the part of the rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract called the cecum. An important symptom you wouldn’t have if you never litter trained your rabbit. Whether it be from overgrown teeth, excessive stress, or pain from an illness, deformed poop should be treated as a serious medical condition. Small deformed rabbit poop is usually a sign that you need to visit your rabbit’s vet. However, it’s not unhealthy for rabbits to behave this way. It will smell pretty bad, and may stick to the rabbit’s butt to form a ball of poop over time. – This guide will tackle everything related to rabbit poop. Cecotropes look squishy in appearance as the droppings are stuck together. This could mean the rabbit is obese and therefore cannot reach their behind to clean it. If you are seeing a large amount of these strung together poops, though, you may want to consider taking more time to groom your rabbit. It's the result of an imbalance in the diet. GI stasis is pretty common, so it’s important to learn the symptoms: GI stasis is often a symptom of some other underlying health problem. They have a preference for the timing of eating the fresh excrement, usually late at night or early in the morning. You can help your rabbit produce good poo by feeding them with lots of hay that help in the production of normal poo and cecotropes. If you examine and break one apart, you will see the undigested plant fibre that it’s formed from and it crumbles easily. This will usually look like two otherwise normal poops have merged with each other. If they are ever malformed, it is usually indicative of some health problem that needs immediate attention. If the symptoms are caught early enough, it is very possible that your rabbit will recover. The cecotropes are a little brighter, softer, and they are produced in the form of clusters and emanate a little bit of scent. In addition to being a little bit gross, it can be dangerous for a rabbit to remain in this condition. Soft poop is uneaten cecotropes. Perfect. The most common causes of abnormal poops include: If your rabbit is not pooping at all, or has not pooped for the last 12 hours, this is an emergency situation. Usually, the rabbit has consumed too many treats and/or pellets. It’s great for the growth of roots and helps plants withstand stress. Pipkin rabbit, a free range rabbit eats poop! They are sweet-smelling and are of pea-size. Golden poops or nuggets as they’re known as mean your rabbit has an extremely good diet and their gut is digesting food well. The only time that you should be happy to see these small misshapen rabbit poops is when they are recovering from surgery or a bout of GI stasis. Basically, golden rabbit poop can be seen as a way of viewing your rabbits nutritional balance. The droppings also have high levels of trace nutrients that you can add straight to your garden or your compost pile. For most people, there is no reason to be wary of rabbit poop. Some are less dangerous than others, but it’s all worth going to your rabbit-savvy veterinarian with a sample to get it tested. With a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting, start to dry and fluff up the fur on your rabbit’s butt. Cecal pellets (aka cecotropes) are a special food made by bunny, just for bunny. But also keep in mind that what you’re looking for in your rabbit’s poop is consistency. One kind of rabbit poop is made from partially digested foods which the rabbit reingests. The color and texture should still be normal. Subscribe to the Bunny Lady e-Newsletter and receive a FREE pdf guidebook going over all the basics of rabbit care. Rabbit poop can tell you a lot about how healthy your rabbit is. As a general rule, you should not bathe your rabbit. Over the summer my Other bunny died (he was about 10 years old) anyways the new bunny I have now (Pete) has been having weird poop. SOME THINGS WILL LOOK WEIRD AND/OR NOT BE CORRECT. I followed the vet’s instructions carefully, however, Cooper would not oblige It helps them to provide more essential nutrients and make them fit and healthy. There are two types of rabbit poop you will need to stop your dog eating. All the poop is in one place that you can easily clean out every day. There can be any number of reasons that your rabbit is having trouble eating. They might be a little deformed in the places where the strand of hair pokes out to connect the next poop in the line, but otherwise they should still be well formed balls with a hard texture. Amy Pratt is a lifelong rabbit owner who has been specializing with rabbits at the Humane Rescue Alliance. Sometimes very small rabbits will produce fecal pellets that are bigger than the droppings of a 10 lb rabbit. Cecotropes are typically a source of protein and Vitamin D for rabbits. I am a lifelong rabbit lover and have been specializing with rabbits at my local animal shelter. Smushed cecal droppings will stick to the rabbits fur on their butt and form into a ball of poop over time. So for the most part, this nothing to worry about. But sometimes, they’ll have merged so much, that the poop takes on an elongated oval shape. You may notice your rabbit cleans themselves more often when they have eaten their poop, but this is usually because the soft feces can more easily stick to their fur. This condition is very smelly, and it’s uncomfortable for your rabbit. To avoid the loss of these precious nutrients, the rabbit will re-ingest them as soon as they pass the anus, without chewing, to avoid breaking the outer coats of the grains. How can I tell if they’re healthy rabbit poops? Try giving your rabbit fewer pellets with lots of hay and water every day. Rabbits will overproduce cecotropes when they have too much sugar in their diet. Instead of feces, cecotropes contain beneficial bacteria, which help the rabbits digest their food and remain healthy. It’s a horrifying infestation and can lead to death within a 24-48 hour time period. But as long as your rabbit continues to produce normal poops, they are probably okay. These mushy or unformed cecotropes are a symptom of another underlying disease or stressor that needs to be addressed. However, E. cuniculi could pose a risk to people with AIDS or otherwise compromised immune systems. Unfortunately, Tapeworms can be acquired from vegetation, fox droppings, dogs & cats and even wild rabbits which means this is easily transferred to yourself as well. These droppings are not encountered often, because rabbits eat them shortly after depositing them. These are little clusters of nutrient-packed soft pellets. Why Is Rabbit Poop So Firm? Rabbit feces is in most cases no longer unhealthy for canine. The longer you leave a rabbit poo the harder they’ll get, so if possible try checking with a fresh poop! Rabbit droppings don’t harbor diseases like cat and dog feces might, so it’s safe to use even if you’re growing food. As such, we suggest avoiding seed based treats, not only as they are a choking hazard but are typically very unhealthy for your rabbits gut. Rabbit manure is also high in potassium;it helps with fruit quality and reducing diseases. And the gut bacteria will start to increase to dangerous numbers, creating painful gas in the rabbit’s gut. Rabbit manure is packed with potassium, phosphorous, minerals, nitrogen and micro-nutrients. Rabbit eating poop! If you start to see a lot of cecotropes, it may be time to look at your rabbit’s diet. This is probably the most important condition to be aware of, since it is often a symptom of many other illnesses in rabbits. To be sure, check to make sure your rabbits appetite and behavior are also normal, since these can be other indicators of illness. The feces and cecal matter stuck to the rabbit’s butt will attract flies. You should make a habit of checking your rabbit’s poop for changes every day to keep track of your rabbit’s health. The production of too many cecotropes iscaused by a diet that is rich in carbohydrates, sugar and protein which disturbs the balance of the bacteria present in the caecum. Parasites such as tapeworms and pinworms are host specific and won’t affect humans. Can you catch diseases from your rabbits droppings? Rabbit poops need to be monitored for consistency in size, shape, smell, texture, and color. Most people mistake soft rabbit poop for diarrhea. We’ll go through a few potential illnesses you can detect by monitoring your rabbit’s poop and how to know when it’s time to go see your rabbit-savvy veterinarian. I spoke with a friend that has a rabbit rescue and she suggested I changed his diet. To avoid a potential hairball blockage, try brushing your rabbit once a day to keep them from ingesting so much fur. Rabbits eat all of their food twice and the first time through their system, it comes out as cecotropes (or cecal pellets). The rabbit will usually only eat cecotropes in their hutch or cage since these areas are quiet. This means that rabbit poop will pop out in equally-sized pellets and that you really won’t see any other size or shape come out of them. True diarrhea is quite rare in rabbits, especially healthy adults. Cecotrophs contain around 28-30% crude protein and up to 30% of the total nitrogen intake of rabbits. Here’s a tip, you can match the minimum amount of hay you feed your rabbit by their body size! This is especially common with long haired breeds of rabbit, or during a big molting season, since rabbits will ingest more hair when they are shedding. Kazacos, Kevin R. DVM Ph.D. “Just Ask the Expert: The Zoonotic Threat of Rabbits and Other Wild Animals.”, Krempels, Dana Ph.D. “The Mystery Of Rabbit Poop.”, Praag, Esther van Ph.D. “Normal and Abnormal Fecal and Cecal Feces of Rabbits.”, Taylor, Christine Ph.D. “Guide to Bunny Poops.”. This is how rabbit poops are able to have such a uniform size and shape. However, certain parasites can be passed on to dogs from rabbits. Rabbits can carry parasites like tapeworm and roundworm but their waste does not transmit any diseases to humans. Your rabbit may have developed a serious illness that needs to be addressed. It means that something is stressing your rabbit out. Your rabbit will be susceptible to the deadly fly strike. Note: The poop your rabbit produces can give you a tremendous amount of information when it comes to the rabbit’s health as a whole. Whenever you find your rabbit dirty, gently clean the rabbit butt with warm water and dry it. Very small poop is usually not a good sign in a rabbit. House rabbits are often presented to the veterinarian with the chief complaint of “diarrhea”. But pet rabbits produce them at different times as it depends on their feeding routine. Also, according to House Rabbit Society, “rabbit may not eat cecotropes due to dental or other oral pain as well as obesity or restricted movement (e.g., spondylosis) that prevents the bunny from physically reaching the anus to eat the cecotropes.” Not all soft feces are caecotrophs Rabbits are highly communal animals. Rabbit poop can tell you a lot about how healthy your rabbit is. Cecotropes. It can be caused by stress, illness or a diet too rich in starch, fat or sugar. If you’re a gardener, rabbit poop is actually a great fertilizer. For example, a rabbit that has recently been scared may produce smaller poops for a few hours after.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'cottontailclub_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',105,'0','0'])); Rabbit poo that is fresh should be soft and brittle, a little bit of pressure should result in your rabbits poop falling apart into a small dusty like substance. The bunnies joyous expression when she’s participating in cecotrophy (the intake of cecotropes) will inform you that she finds this anything however disgusting. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the common and not-so-common types of rabbit poop you might encounter. Their poops are dry, scentless, cocoa puff balls. Honestly, rabbit poop is probably the least-gross pet poop you will ever have to deal with. The most common causes of cecal dysbiosis include: True diarrhea is not common at all, but if your rabbit ever experiences it, they need to see the doctor right away. Cecal dysbiosis, which is unformed cecotropes, and true diarrhea, which is actual runny poops. Many rabbits will be carriers of this and shed spores in their urine. GI stasis is a really scary condition to deal with and it can sneak up very quickly. YOUR … There’s more that you should know about cecotropes; just read on! Finding cecotropes laying around or in his box are a sign that he may be getting too … Anyhow, with the aid of his trained eye, Grandpa and I collected and added these rabbit poops to our soup mix, one of the most enzyme rich foods known to man. What Causes Rabbit Turds – Pellet Poop. They eat these and if your rabbit is healthy, you should very rarely find these, if ever. ©2021 Cotton Tail Club If they’ve been litter box trained and then suddenly stop using the litter box, this is an indicator that the rabbit is suffering from some illness or stressor. Most of the time the problem is the amount of dry food pellets and treats rabbits are eating. This happens when a fly chooses to lay eggs on your rabbit (usually around their bottom), and when the maggots hatch they start to eat through your rabbit. Get a small bin and put a folded towel along the bottom. “The Scoop on Rabbit Poop” by Susan Kelleher, DVM. If you only see a few of these types of poops in a day, while the rest are perfectly normal, then you have no need to worry. Swirl the water around and soak the soiled area around your rabbit’s butt. Getting your rabbit spayed (female) or neutered (male) is a responsible decision. True diarrhea is more common in baby rabbits who have been weaned too early. They are a symptom of a disorder somewhere in the bunny’s system. “Fly Strike.” House Rabbit Society, That explains why they constantly graze on hay (without any problem). It is usually loose cecotropes that are the real problem. Sometimes, however, the rabbits gut will slow down just a little and two, or even three, poops will collide into each other. Then again, we will have to do what we will be able to to forestall them from dining it. The short-chain fatty acids in their cecals provide an additional source of energy, and the B vitamins provided can be in excess of the rabbit's needs. They contain a high level of B vitamins and vitamins K. They possess twice the protein content and half the fiber of standard faced. Rabbits are herbivores which means they eat grass, weeds and hay as a primary of their diet, due to this, their digestive system is extremely sensitive when it comes to processing their diet and this is easily spotted in their poop! But occasionally you might find some that your rabbit missed. So after your rabbit recovers from their GI stasis episode, it’s important to check and see if there are any other issues that caused the gut problems. They are produced in the rabbits cecum, where natural bacteria and fungi live and transform the indigestible parts of a rabbit’s diet into this essential dietary item. Best Rabbit Enclosures – The Definitive Guide 2021. Rabbit manure has more nutrients than cow manure. This should be around the size of a frozen pea. Cecotropes are also more often produced in the evenings, rather than all day long like normal rabbit poops. Tapeworms or pinworms can sometimes even be seen on the excreted feces. Perhaps more important than the quantity of rabbit poop is the quality. There are two types of mushy rabbit stool. Some produce most of their cecotropes at night, while others do in the morning. If you’ve ever had to clean up after a bunny, you already know that rabbit poop is very firm compared to most other animals’ waste. Practicing basic personal hygiene by washing your hands after you come in contact with their feces is all you really need to do. Soft or sticky poo gets stuck to the rabbit butt. They are slightly moist but dry out quickly. Fill the bin with a couple inches with warm water. The habit of coprophagy was first reported by Morot in 1882. Rabbit manure also improves the life cycle of microorganisms in the soil. It will have a nice yellow tint to it and look like a golden nugget! Gently pick your rabbit up and place their butt in the water. With obese rabbits, the best thing you can do to help your rabbit stay clean is to get them on a healthy diet. Analyzing your rabbit's fecal pellets is a good way of diagnosing whether all is right with your rabbit's health. Their poops are dry, scentless, cocoa puff balls. You’ll want to bring a sample of this mucus-covered poop with you when you go to the vet so they can perform tests and find the cause. These rabbits cecotropes are small and soft. Rabbits eat cecotropes straight from their butt; you may notice your rabbit ducking itshead underneath and then sit up chewing. The rabbit, a few hours or days later, returns and eats round one, and on second pass thru the stomach it becomes poop. If you see a lot of these double poops, however, this is a sign that your rabbit’s gut is slowing down for longer periods of time. A rabbit’s digestive tract will usually work very rhythmically and produce new poops at regular intervals. If you notice a change in your rabbit droppings that means there’s either a digestive disruption or progression. In theory, you can catch a variety of diseases from your rabbit from Pasteurella, Tetanus, Ringworm and even E. cuniculi. / Privacy Policy. Elderly rabbits who have developed arthritis also tend to have trouble keeping their behind clean. The … Rabbit’s should really only be having a small amount of pellets every day (about ¼ cup for an average sized rabbit), and sweet treats (including carrots) should only be given sparingly. If you ever stepped on one or squashed it to see what’s … Some foods may also contain hidden sugar in the form of syrups and molasses that bind the pallets together. Keep going until your rabbit is completely dry. How Do I Know if My Rabbit’s Poop is Healthy? I am here to make sure all of you rabbit lovers have everything you need to care for your fluffy little bundle of joy. A rabbit suffering from cecal dysbiosis will produce cecotropes that are mushy, pasty or even liquid. In adult rabbits, diarrhea is almost always caused by some sort of parasite or poison. A Rabbit’s Digestive System: Here’s How It Works. Droppings that are too small, dark and irregular in shape show that your rabbit isn’t processing food well. Some rich vegetables, such as kale, dandelion greens, carrot tops and chard, may also cause excess cecotropes. Cecal dysbiosis is poop that isn't completely formed and is doughy or pasty and is usually quite smelly. Typically a minimum of once a daily, a rabbit will consume its poop. Harriman, Marinell. Rabbit fecal pellets, the cocoa puff poops, are basically just condensed balls of fiber that have had the nutrients stripped away. You can help your rabbit out and make these baths less frequent if you do some spot cleaning regularly, to try to prevent the poop from building up. Usually rabbits will eat their cecotropes right out of their anus, so you won’t see very many lying around. If the spacing between the poops is also uniform, this is a good indication that your rabbit’s digestion is working just fine. They are easy to clean, especially if your rabbit is litter box trained. Golden poop is even brighter than a healthier looking poop and the inside is as it says, golden! It used to be thought that rabbits would only produce cecotropes at night, but it turns out the timing of cecotrope production is largely dependent on the rabbit. Basically this means that the rabbit’s digestion isn’t working. If you're not sure, you may have to poke around to see if the mess comes apart in layers (cecotope) or if it's completely formless … To monitor your rabbits health through their poop, you’ll have to know what’s normal, and what to look out for. Rabbits produce two types of droppings – fecal pellets and cecotropes. A large number of these pearls means that your rabbit is digesting a lot of hair. How does the bunny get those necessary nutrients? They are high in nitrogen, short-chain fatty acids, microbial protein, B vitamins, sodium, potassium, water, lysine, the sulfur amino acids, and threonine. If your rabbit’s poop is all of a sudden small for a couple hours, but then bounces back to a normal size, your rabbit probably just got stressed out by something in their environment and they are doing better already. Here’s how: Rabbit poop looks like a small, round pellet. Remove your rabbit from the water and place them onto a towel. Though uncommon, it is possible you will find mucus in your rabbit’s poop. You see it more often in young rabbits, particularly those transitioning from weaning. Luckily, rabbit poop is not gross at all. If you find maggots on their poopy butt, always consult the vet as soon as possible. So it’s important to become familiar with your own rabbit’s poop, so you can be very clear about what is normal for your rabbit. Soft Dark Colored Droppings: Also called cecotropes, rabbits re-ingest cecotropes to obtain extra nutrients. They produce two kinds of droppings: feces and cecotropes. The whole system has stopped. It prevents a number or dangerous health conditions that could develop later in life, and it can solve a number of... My name is Amy and I am the Bunny Lady! Rabbits should be eating a mostly hay-based diet (such as timothy hay), and fresh leafy greens should make up the second largest portion of their diet. Since they cannot vomit, their digestive tract has to do a lot of work pushing the hair through the system. There is little correlation between the size of the rabbit and the size of their poop. You should familiarize yourself with what healthy good poop looks like and the difference between that and their cecotropes. Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Poop? Why is my rabbit’s butt covered with sticky poo? Since rabbits usually consume cecotropes as soon as they exit the body, it’s much more likely that your dog has eaten the small pellets that rabbits leave behind as a final waste product. They are easy to clean, especially if your rabbit is litter box trained. Rabbits produce two types of droppings.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cottontailclub_com-box-4','ezslot_6',106,'0','0'])); Hard Round balls: Also called faecal pellets, it contains the waste indigestible fiber. If your rabbit stops pooping suddenly and hasn’t pooped for around 24hours it means the processing of food has completely stopped and it’s a life threatening condition and should be treated by your vet immediately. A rabbit actually gets more nutritional benefit from eating cecotropes than his the first digestion of his food. If she continues to not eat her cecotropes, take her to your veterinarian for … It is estimated that B12is synthesized 100x the daily requirement. Rabbits poop A LOT. Home; Store; Rabbit Info; Blog; Photos; Videos; Resources; Forum; Search; Home; Store; Rabbit Info; Blog; Photos; Videos; Resources; Forum ; Search; Forum Please Read – IMPORTANT FORUM INFORMATION OUR FORUM IS UP BUT WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF UPDATING AND FIXING THINGS. Diarrhea will be very watery. Cecotropes resemble small, brown, aggregate berries, like mulberries or raspberries. Honestly, rabbit poop is probably the least-gross pet poop you will ever have to deal with. Published January 3, 2013 at 3072 × 2304 in Getting Friendly With Your Rabbit’s Poop. So we want to do what we can to prevent this condition: Poopy butt is a condition that occurs when a rabbit is unable to keep their butt clean. You’ll be able to see exactly how much they’re pooping. They are usually quite foul-smelling, and often stick to the bunny’s back end in great, nasty clumps. It is dark brown almost black in color and the mucus covering gives it a glossy appearance.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'cottontailclub_com-banner-1','ezslot_10',107,'0','0'])); The rabbits consume the cecotropes to obtain extra nutrients, rabbits produce these at the same time every day and mostly at night time hence it’s also called “night droppings”. The special name for this poop-eating rabbit act is cecotrophy. This type of poop is essential because it is rich in nutrients and vitamins of the B type. The exact size and color will vary a little bit, depending on the rabbit. Also known as fecal pellets, these normal rabbit poops should look very much like cocoa puffs. There is a long list of reasons your rabbit is not eating her cecotropes such as dental problems, a diet filled with too many pellets, too many treats, not enough hay or not enough exercise. Gently pat the wet areas of your rabbit with the towel. Rabbit poop is important! This will increase her eating of cecotropes and should improve her overall health. A rabbit's poop can tell a lot about its overall health. Poop/Cecotropes. You should get to a rabbit veterinarian as soon as you can, and continue to monitor your rabbits appetite and behavior for any possible illnesses. The inside of your rabbits fresh poop should look almost golden, leaning towards a very greenish/yellow tint and lots of smaller bits. One type being the hard, odorless dry pellets that we often come across and then secondly, cecotropes. Their health depends on the constant motion of their digestive system, so often illnesses can be detected early by changes in a rabbit’s pooping habits. Fecal droppings can tell a lot about a rabbit’s overall health. Some rabbit pee does contain a microorganism fungus called E. cuniculi. Normal rabbit poo is small in size and it’s usually black, dark brown and green in color filled with plant and grass pieces. Eating a small amount of rabbit poop is generally not harmful to dogs. The two types of mushy poop might be a little difficult to tell apart, but usually if it is the unformed cecotropes it will have a toothpaste-like texture, and they may still have some form to them. It’s common for rabbits to get stressed by a sudden sound, causing their gut to temporarily slow down. Cecotropes also aid in the replenishment … As they break down, they improve and build the soils structure, add stability and hold nutrients for plants and other organisms in the soil as well. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will come from your rabbits poop, Ringworm is the most likely to cause via rabbit droppings. A change in litter box habits can also be an indicator of health problems in rabbits. Plants need nitrogen for green growth and rabbit manure is higher in nitrogen than cow or horse manure. If the rabbit’s poops continue to be small and don’t return to normal within a couple hours, this is an indication that your rabbit is sick or in pain. If you’re looking into getting a new rabbit as a pet, there are many questions you’ll have about how to find the right bunny for you. Your rabbit may have developed GI stasis (gastrointestinal stasis), and if you do not get their digestion moving again quickly, this could be a fatal condition. If you’re going to give your rabbit a butt bath, I recommend finding a partner to help you keep the rabbit calm during the whole process. You’ll want to make an appointment with your vet so you can find the underlying cause of the slow down and stimulate their gut to move at a normal pace again. These pellets were high in sugar which I did not know. There are many possible causes of abnormal poop in rabbits. She helps to socialize the rabbits and educate volunteers on the care and behavior of these small mammals. Cecotropes, also referred to as night feces, are a specific kind of poop that is different than regular rabbit stools. But if you’re dealing with a rabbit who has developed poopy butt, you might have no choice but to give them a butt bath. In addition to poop, rabbits produce a second type of droppings, known as cecotropes. You may not see bunny do this, but when she appears to be bathing her belly and she comes up chewing, she's probably just taken up a cecal pellet.

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