b) Absence of Non-verbal Communication: Some virtual communication techniques, like voice calls do not accommodate faces of people. When others listen on the cellphone, phone will catch electromagnetic waves and show them. Communication problems are often symptoms of more deeply rooted problems. Used properly, it can be an effective way to drive important concepts home in the business world, but there are some disadvantages. THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE VIRTUALCOMMUNICATIONVirtualcommunicationclearly has many advantagesincluding increased productivity, reduced business costs and a better work/life balance of the workfor. Furthermore, cell phones make teens feel stressed and anxious. Based on this reason we called it Information Explosion Age. Disadvantages Of Virtual Classroom: When there are advantages, there are disadvantages of virtual classrooms too. Communication can be voice or chat and can be public, or private. it is a virtual library of information. interactions are nowadays handled via different virtual communication channels. (Kshetrimayum, 2008) Additional studies have shown that people who sleep with the cellphone by the bed have. Our generation have been change following the time change; they are grown up with the viability of the internet and technology. The most watched negative effect of cell phones is compulsion, or adding to a gigantic connection or reliance toward utilizing cell phones. The screens are smaller than the computer screens. List of the Disadvantages of a Virtual Team 1. Turn any size of room into a video meeting space in minutes, Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Communication. You need to know the disadvantages of virtual communication. While there are excellent advantages to these virtual teams, there are also numerous disadvantages as well. k) Easily Keeping a Record: The last advantage of virtual communication is that you only need to click a button and you get to record video calls and audio calls. E-Learning requires strong self-motivation and time management skills. One of the biggest disadvantages of managing a virtual team is that it is more difficult to create a strong workplace culture. It is foolish to believe that technology is the epitome of trust because it is easier for fraud to make use of technology to cheat others. Virtual Reality - Pros & Cons. That is why there is communication in homes, workplaces, governments and even learning institutions. The evolution of the world wide web known as the internet, brought about the forming or building of virtual communities to take place. Virtual communication helps them work from wherever they are, communicate fast and submit projects on time. 1. Too much dependency on the internet to make a decision will cause obliteration. The microwave radiation they produce affect people’s ears badly .Mobile phones are also bad for eyesight, so the mobile increases the risk of eye vision problems .These problems are a result of using the small screens of mobile phones . Advantages and disadvantages relate to issues of communication, social, economic, technological etc. This can cause certain other diseases like asthma, skin rash and lots of digestive problems. But the true question is whether or not technology is ruining people. You can get any kind of information on any topic that you desire, it will be available on the Internet. Often, startups that opt for a virtual organizational design without being fully informed find out about these disadvantages the hard way. Hence, It is normal to find teens unable to read the messages .Using the mobile phones for a long time may cause some chronic pains especially when they use their hands a lot to text , send messages and to respond to a message .Holding the telephone between the neck and the shoulder may cause back pain. . Facial expression is important for effective communication; it is among the most effective ways to deeply understand a person. Other disadvantages of IoT are the over-reliance on technology. Decreased productivity. in the past, communicate with someone who isn’t in the same room as you, you would have to call them on a phone. However, the maximum volume of sound on some MP3 players as well as loud music that is played at various nightclubs is measured at 110 decibels. j) Reduce Boredom: Working from the same place day in day out is It actually contributes to inefficiency among employees. In terms of virtual friendship people often feel that there are fewer things that separate them and more things that make them similar. They allow you to build and maintain relationships, convey your message to the target audience and gain a competitive edge. Here are some of the things to like about this type of communication: a) Convenience: People or employees can interact with each other from wherever they are. At the same time, though, there are potential downsides to this approach. Starting from the fact that kids are getting less and less physical activity due to technology, technology also ruins social skills in people, and the fact that technology is very dangerous, technology is ruining people. Table no2. They also affect children educational result and link to some health problem, which cause many serious troubles. Disadvantages of Virtual Teams. Virtual communication provides a sense of equality that is quite enjoyable for some people. In a virtual environment, these physical barriers don't exist. More and more people use the cellphone IPad or other mobile devices to communication in the virtual world. Disadvantages: Communication is limited. This is not really a major concern, but it might be in the future. drawn together . Virtual communication tools are a cost-effective way to dramatically reduce your operating expenses. Like most technologies, there are advantages and disadvantages of virtualization that must be considered before fully implementing a system or plan. The infrastructure needs an upgrade to support the new tech. This way, an executive doesn’t have to fly a thousand miles just to deliver news. When you run a team of remote workers, it can be harder to get everyone together in one (virtual) place for a meeting.

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